【ONE PIECE】About Joyboy. A little consideration of motifs, original material, etc ...


It's LC.

I haven't been able to publish the latest articles since I was busy in 2020, but I will publish the parts that I couldn't publish in the future.

This time, I will write about "Joy Boy", which has become a hot topic recently.





【What is Joyboy?】

First of all, Joyboy is said to be a person on the ground who existed at least 800 years ago (blank 100 years), not in the age of modern Luffy.

It was revealed that he was writing an apology to the mermaid princess at that time at Poneglyph in the Sea Forest on Fish-Man Island.
The content of her apology is "Apology for breaking her promise to her Fish-Man Island."

And there is a ship called "Ark Noah" who has been waiting for that promise at the bottom of the sea, and Neptune says, "There will be someone who will come to fulfill the promise on behalf of Joyboy."

Also, because he acts with an idea that is the exact opposite of the idea of ​​the government, it is thought that he was in the "a huge kingdom" that Ohara's clover said.

Also, do you own the huge straw hat in Marie Joa? Both I think. Is it possible to suffer that size from the ancient giants ...




【Ark Noah】

Ark Noah is a ship built by the people who lived on Fish-Man Island in the blank 100 years with the help of "a certain clan", waiting for the promise made by Joyboy as mentioned above to be fulfilled. I am.

I think that this certain clan is a clan named "~ moon" including the Kogetsu clan.

When Luffy was about to fall to Fish-Man Island, he was forced to destroy it, but at that time Neptune said, "I'm sorry. I can't fulfill my promise ... Joyboy ..." From this, we can see that Noah's Ark is indispensable to fulfill the promise with Joyboy.





So what exactly is that "promise"?

Regarding this, Neptune said, "Our distant ancestors tried ... !! A dream that disappeared unfortunately", and the dream of Neptune's wife, Otohime, to move the Kingdom of Ryugu to the ground. I think.
As Joyboy promised 800 years ago, he tried to move the people who lived on Ryugu Kingdom and Fish-Man Island to the ground, but the current world government prevented him from fulfilling his promise. It is probable that he asked the Kogetsu family to convey his thoughts to posterity and wrote an apology to Poneglyph.




【The one who fulfills his promise and the two kings】

Who is it that "someday there will be something that fulfills its promise on behalf of Joyboy"?

There will only be Luffy about this (*'ω' *)

And I think the two kings are Luffy and Shirahoshi. Shirley said, "Fish-Man Island will be destroyed by that child wearing a straw hat !!", instead of Luffy's direct destruction, the impact of the aftermath of a big battle is transmitted to Fish-Man Island, which is the trigger. Luffy puts everyone on Noah, and at the signal of Shirahoshi, the sea kings pull Noah and rise to the ground.

Also, in episode 967, the line that the sea kings said, "This time it will surely work ...", Joyboy and the mermaid princess at that time failed when trying to do this, and at the time of Roger, the mermaid princess was not born and failed. And this time, because Luffy and Shirahoshi are all together, he probably said, "I'm sure it will work."

Furthermore, I think that the reason why Kogetsu Oden specified 20 years later is that Luffy and Shirahoshi met, and that Shirahoshi was completely awakened to the power of Poseidon 20 years later. ..

It seems that moving the Kingdom of Ryugu to the ground will be quite late, but I believe that Luffy will definitely do it, so please look forward to it! !!




【Joyboy motif】

Joyboy seems to have a historical figure that became a motif.

The person's name is Jayabaya, a person who existed in Indonesia in the 12th century.

In English, write "Joyoboyo". "Joyboy" is the English word for Joyboy. Isn't it similar?

Well, even if it is said to be a motif just by this, it does not come to a pinch w

So I'm going to dig deeper. It's a little off the topic of world history.

This person called Jayabaya has left a prophecy in the 12th century.

Here is the prophecy.

Our kingdom will be dominated by white people who emerge from somewhere for hundreds of years. They have magic wands and can kill people from a distance. However, before long, yellow people wearing white clothes attacked from the north and expelled the white people. The yellow people dominate our kingdom, but in a short period of time they leave before the corn flowers bloom ...

To briefly explain this prophecy, the "white people", that is, the Dutch, ruled Indonesia from the 17th century, but this time the "yellow people", that is, the Japanese, who came from the north, liberated and ruled Indonesia. ..

And on August 15, 1945, historical events end the rule of the "yellow people."
In the meantime, about 200 years. About 200 years ago, the Kingdom of Ryugu joined the government, and it was 800 years from the prophecy of Jayabaya until the rule of the "yellow people" ended. It was 800 years ago that I left a feeling for the existence of Joyboy and posterity.

Don't you think it's pretty similar? Persecution of fishermen and mermaids was more persecuted until 200 years ago, and it may be possible that joining a member state alleviated the persecution a little.

Yes. So, I thought about Joyboy in various ways.
If there are still points that I have overlooked, I will add them one by one.


see you again.