【ONE PIECE】Bounty predictions ④Boa Hancock



It's LC.

It's been over a year since the beginning of the Wano Kuni edition, but the excitement of One Piece hasn't stopped.

In episode 956 of this magazine, the Seven Warlords of the Sea have been abolished, and the pirates who have been in partnership with the government until now are being targeted by the Marines at once.

It seems that new prize money will be given to the pirates who used to be Shichibukai, so I would like to make that prediction as well.

The fourth time is Boa Hancock, the captain of the Kuja Pirates, the former King Shichibukai!






Hancock is the captain of the current Kuja Pirates in the Seven Warlords of the Sea, and is a real talent of Melomero.

He is arrogant, super-selfish, high-flying, intimidating, and self-respecting, and speaks and acts to look down on his opponent.

He is absolutely confident in his beauty and is also a ton demo character who thinks he is forgiven for whatever he does.

He even kicks small animals such as kittens and kittens, and even sniffs his beauty and behaves on his own.

Because of these magnificent personalities, "a pose that looks down too much" has become synonymous with her, and even though her sisters Sandersonia and Luffy Gold say that her personality is the worst, everyone blames her for her beauty. I couldn't do it, and I was allowed to behave in any unmanned manner, so I was quite shocked when Luffy said, "You're crazy !!"

This selfish personality and attitude is due to her being a slave of the Celestial Dragons along with her sisters in the past, and is also an expression of her desire to "do not want to be ruled by anyone anymore." He is known for hating big men and hating world government, but he seems to be somewhat open to some people, such as his benefactor Silvers Rayleigh.

He says that the great benefactor Fisher Tiger, who has released his slaves, has immeasurable grace, and his attitude to talk about it is serious.

He hides his back with the stigma of his enemy, Sonia, bows for his benefactor while having the overlord-colored ambition, beats the Celestial Dragons, and looks down on them even after learning that they were slaves. Impressed by the spaciousness of Luffy's bosom, he fell in love with him, and after that he turned into a super shy and naive maiden, and often showed love-loving delusions.

I would spare no help for Luffy, and I would be more angry that Luffy would be hurt than I would be hurt, and I thought of Luffy who was saddened by the death of his brother Ace, and if possible, I wish I could take the pain instead. I cherish Luffy, such as sadness.

After Luffy knew her circumstances and her thoughts, she began to think of her as her friend, and in her Impel Down edition she had a buggy (although she didn't know what happened). She was angry when she broke her promise with Hancock in a short amount of time.





The origin of Hancock's strength lies in his high physical ability.

Sengoku also said, "That woman is strong," and has been highly evaluated in terms of combat power.

She has a strong technique using melody fruits, but she has a strong ambition for the time being, and most enemies are so strong that they cannot stand up if they take a kick with ambition.

She was indiscriminately attacking pirates and marines at the time of the summit war, despite the Navy's side, and smokers also said, "Are you stripped of your title !?" (laughs)

Not only that, it has extraordinary strength, such as breaking the smoker's ten hands trying to chase Luffy and petrifying and crushing her Pacifica with a single blow.

The ultimate is this movie Stampede. I wonder if the flying kick (Perfume Femuru Magna), which absorbs the ships and houses on the island and absorbs the rubble and turns into a huge bullet, is stronger than Luffy's Gear 4 (Perfume Femuru Magna). Lol)

As he said in episode 956, it has been widely coordinated that the reason for becoming Shichibukai is "strength".




【Bounty predictions】

Considering Sengoku's evaluation and the depictions actually drawn, I think it is as follows.

The bounty is 750 million berries! !!

Personally, I would like you to join Luffy, but I'm curious about what happens to Coby, who is currently heading to Megashima.

Will you hit it off by looking at Luffy's poster on the wall, or will it be a battle in the form of a greet ...

What I don't want to imagine the most is the development of being defeated as a prey to a new weapon to replace Shichibukai. I was caught as it was and went to Impel Down ...
It's scary, but let's hope it moves in the right direction and wait! !!


see you again.