【ONE PIECE】Bounty predictions ⑥Rocks D Xebec


It's LC.

Again, I would like to anticipate the unannounced character bounties.

The sixth is Rocks D. Xebec, Captain of the Rocks Pirates! !!






Rocks D. Xebec was revealed in episode 907 by Garp's mouth, and in episode 957 the captain of the Rocks Pirates.

He has a D in his name and is also a clan of D.

According to Garp, it was the Rocks era before Roger.

He was called "Rocks" by his fellow ships and enemies, and is a historically famous pirate such as the young Whitebeard, Kaido, Big Mom, Shiki the Golden Lion, Captain John, Wang Zhi, and Silver Ax. They are members, so it seems that they often killed each other on board.

He is also a considerable ambitionist, and in order to become the "king of the world", he gathered the above members based on the pirate island Hachinos with one profit story (described later) as a seed, and stripped his fangs to the world government like a terrorist. It is about.

38 years ago, Sengoku said that the pirates were destroyed by Garp and Roger, who happened to be there in God Valley, and that he was not in the world either. The God Valley on the island where it was set has disappeared without a trace.

This is called the God Valley incident.




【A connection between a profit story and a teach】

What exactly is this "one profit story" that led to the formation of the Rocks Pirates?

I think this is a secret of World Government.

From here on, it's a complete delusion, but as everyone is aware, Rocks seems to have something to do with "Blackbeard" Teach. The real name and the name of the ship (Teach's ship is "Saber of Siebeck") Yes, the silhouette of the hair and face (It looks a lot like Blackbeard's beard when the silhouette of Rocks in episode 957 is turned upside down) There is a lot of it.

Personally, I think Rocks' hobby is the same "historical research" as Teach.

Being an ambitious person, Rocks does not have a way of life like Luffy and Roger's unthinking way of life, but plans carefully as Teach showed, and plans with full satisfaction. I think it's the type to do. In other words, just as Roger and Luffy's thoughts and behaviors are very similar, Rocks and Teach are likely to have similar thoughts and behaviors.

I suspect that Luffy inherited Roger's will by reincarnation, and Teach inherited Rocks' intention by reincarnation.

There is a theory that Rocks is the real talent of the predecessor Yamiyami, but I don't think so.

Because, if so, Whitebeard and Garp should be able to react even more surprisingly when Teach shows the power of Yamiyami in the Crest War.

However, it is highly possible that Rocks was not a talented person of Yamiyami because he did not react much.

I will not touch on the fact that the body structure of the teach is irregular.

And if history research is his hobby, he may have stripped his fangs because he inevitably came to know the truth about the inside of the world government and what he had concealed.

I think he thought that he would destroy all the world governments and the navy that became the piece and eventually raised false justice.




【Strength, qualities】

I think that the charisma that brings together the fierce men such as Edward Newgate, Kaido, and Big Mom is tremendous.

Considering that the above three people also have the overlord-colored ambition, but they are under the Rocks, it seems that the Rocks themselves have a terrible overlord-colored ambition.

Also, not only in terms of charisma but also in terms of strength, although it is not as strong as it is now, the strength of the person himself may have been at an eccentric level when he was accompanied by Big Mom and Kaido.

Sengoku even said, "Roger's strongest and last enemy."

Looking at episode 957, the composition is "Garp & Roger vs Rocks & Whitebeard & Kaido & Big Mom", but was there any other Roger Pirates or Navy? I'm worried that I was there by chance.

It's possible that Rayleigh and Sengoku were fighting against the rest of the top executives (Gold Lion, Wang Zhi, Silver Ax, Captain John).

However, Sengoku himself talked about Garp and Roger like the main battle, so it's possible he wasn't really there ...

In that case, the strength of Roger and Garp will be on a different level, but the white beard with these two people is also a monster ...




【Who fought who】

The point I'm curious about is who fought who.

My personal expectation is




Top battle

Garp, Roger vs Rocks, Newgate, Kaido, Linlin.




Battle of the lieutenant

Rayleigh, Sengoku, and other admirals? vs Gold Lion, Wang Zhi, Silver Ax, Captain John.




Battle between executives

Gavan, another admiral? vs Rocks Pirates Combatants / Executives


I wonder if it will be like this.

↑ If the members start fighting on one island all at once, it will sink ... lol

I personally wonder why Roger, the Rocks Pirates, the Marines, and the Celestial Dragons all met in God Valley.

Perhaps Rocks tried to do something like stampede, using the secrets of the government as a seed.

Rocks' ambitions are kings of the world. Then he suspects he was plotting to crush the pirates he didn't give to them, the navy and government that were in the way, as described above.

Although it is good to gather enemies in God Valley in that way, Whitebeard's remark in episode 964 said, "If you gather people who are not vessels to put under people, the organization will collapse." It's possible that while fighting Garp and Roger, an internal collapse occurred at the same time.

He said that he gradually became inferior without being able to take command, and was eventually killed.

However, I think that it was a development that the captain Rocks himself was too strong and Garp and Roger exceeded the limit and missed without defeating other friends. In any case, it can be said that he is a person who remains in the history of pirates when he sees episode 957.




【Bounty predictions】

Sengoku says that no pirate has a higher amount than Roger (5.564 billion) and Whitebeard (5.046 billion) in the history of pirates, but he has three subordinates of the current and former Yonko, and Roger's strongest. Considering Sengoku's remark that he is the last enemy, I think that he is less than the above two people and more than four emperors.

Personally, I think it's about the following.

The bounty is 5,017.38 million berries!

The meaning of the fraction 1738 is based on an event of a certain person in Western history.

I think Rocks could be over 5 billion because he wants to be the "King of the Universe" instead of the "King of the Universe", and his thinking is very similar to the current Revolutionary Army as well as his strength. increase.

And this person named Rocks D. Xebec may have the motif of "Alexander the Great" that exists in history.

His personalities are similar, his subordinates and friends are messed up after his death, and there are many things in common.

When a character that may be based on a historical big game comes out, the tension rises (^^ ♪


see you again.