【ONE PIECE】Bounty predictions ⑧Dracule Mihawk


It's LC.

Again, I would like to anticipate the unannounced character bounties.

The 8th time is Dracule Mihawk, the world's strongest swordfighter in the Seven Warlords of the Sea! !!






Mihawk is a man who is called the Seven Warlords of the Sea and the strongest swordfighter in the world, and is called by the Navy and the government as "Hawk's Eye Mihawk".
As the name implies, he has sharp eyes like a hawk, and it is said that ordinary people are terrified and unable to move just by looking at their eyes.

He is now 43 years old and has a birthday on March 9th. He is 198 cm tall.

He always wears a hat with decorations and sails alone on a boat called a "coffin boat", but now lives on the site of the Kingdom of Sikkeal.

He has an insanely capricious personality, and seems to be hungry for fighting strong people, such as sinking 50 fleets of a pirate fleet to kill time and chasing the admiral of that fleet to the remote seas.

In that respect, I will remember the name and respond to the fight with respect for the opponent who acknowledged my strength, but for those who are too different in ability to become opponents, I will immediately cut off without remembering the name. I don't care.

The sword he is using is a long sword with a cross motif called the black sword "night", which is one of the 12 top-class craftsmen, and is said to be the strongest sword in the world.

With a sword suitable for Mihawk, who is called the strongest swordfighter in the world, you can split everything in two with just one swing.

His ability is also the strongest, he cuts off his ammunition with the cutting edge, and he has not only a rigid sword but also a soft sword.

In addition, he has had a rivalry with "Red-haired Shanks," who is currently one of the four emperors, and the days of the duel have become legendary and handed down.

Recently, it seems that he has no desire to fight because he lost his left arm. However, it seems that the friendship is deep, such as visiting Shanks to report it because Luffy's order book, which is "an interesting kid in a small village" that he had heard from himself, was distributed. am.

His first appearance is Baratie, who follows the Admiral of the fleet, "Don Creek," who was destroyed by killing time, and comes to the eastern sea.

There, he confronts Zoro, but he overwhelms him with Zoro's skills, which are called "weak people" and "ferocious swords." However, he recognizes Zoro's strength and is not afraid of death without taking a step there, and in honor of the "strong man", he defeats Zoro's mystery "Thousand Worlds" with the black sword "Night". After that, Zoro's spirit that "the wound on his back is a shame of a swordfighter" is described as "superb !!" However, he did not give any fatal wounds that would stop him, and thought from the bottom of his heart, "Don't rush, youthful power," and believed that Zoro would come to defeat his self-confidence someday.

My name Dracule Mihawk!!
It's too early for you to die!
Know yourself, know the world, become stronger, Roronoa! !! !!
I will wait for you in this strongest position for many years to come! !!
Let yourself go beyond this sword with all your might! !! !!
Beyond this me, Roronoa! !! !!

I will leave the place. From this time, he began to be interested in Luffy and Zoro, and when Sir Crocodile, the same King of the Seven Warlords of the Sea, was stripped of his title, he immediately realized that Luffy had defeated him and said, "Is it enough to shake the world government?" I was praising. I also participate in subsequent meetings at Marie Joa.

In the Marineford War, he suddenly slashes the captain, Edward Newgate, under the pretext of "estimating the distance," but is blocked by Jozu.

After that, he confronts Luffy who has participated in the war and overwhelms him, but he is stopped by Vista who came to support Luffy. At this time, he described Luffy as "putting those who are there on his side one after another. He has the most terrifying power in the world."

After a while, he attacks Luffy again, but this time he is blocked by Crocodile and Mr.1.

When Shanks came out at the end of the game, he said, "The war with red hair is out of the scope of the agreement."

After the war, at the site of the Kingdom of Sikkeal where he lives, he reunites with Zoro, who was blown by Bartholomew Kuma, the same Seven Warlords of the Sea, and meets Luffy in the summit war, and what happened to him. Tell you. When Zoro hears it, he asks him to teach him the sword, but he misses it by saying, "Are you going to ask the enemy to teach you?" Recognizing the attitude of begging for strength, he practiced the sword.




【Strength and Trends】

As for strength, as the name implies, it is the strongest level in the world in both name and reality, and it cuts off everything with the black sword "night".

A huge iceberg can be split into two with a single stroke, Luffy's Gear 2 is treated as a baby, Zoro's ultimate goal, and even "Jinbe of the Strait" who was in the same position of the Seven Warlords of the Sea can be sunk with a single blow. Considering that there is no match against Shanks when he had both arms, there is definitely a four-emperor class.

The baboons in the Kingdom of Sikkeal also took a provocative attitude toward Zoro, but as soon as they sensed the sign of Mihawk, they gave up, and the king of baboons was a black sword. Not only does he have a sword made to imitate "night", but he is even revered for learning Mihawk's own sword technique.

In addition, it is thought that the black sword "Night" was not originally a black sword because it is attached to the black sword. I think I've become proud.

And now Mihawk has left the Kingdom of Sikkeal because the Shichibukai system has been abolished and he is being chased, but it is a character who can not understand the image of being defeated by any means (laugh)

He seems to be chased by multiple warships, but he's likely to get rid of them first.

First of all, you will not be able to fight properly unless you are at the general level, and I think that you can finally manage with a new weapon to replace Shichibukai and an admiral.

And the most surprising thing is that there has never been a serious depiction of seriousness.

He said that the abolition of the Shichibukai would make the warrior tremble, so I would love to see the fight of a man who is called the strongest swordfighter in the world, such as dealing with the Admiral and new weapons at the same time.

Also, I want you to be a lone wolf all the time without joining Luffy and others, and continue to produce the strongest record.




【Bounty predictions】

This is a new bounty for Mihawk, but first of all, it will be close to the four emperors.

Considering that it was on par with Shanks, it seems to be as close to 4 billion as possible.

However, what is different from Shanks here is that there are no friends. Shanks seems to be "4,048.9 million berries" including not only the strength of the person himself but also the threat level as a head who leads his friends, so even if the ability is almost the same, Mihawk who is a lone wolf is slightly lower than Shanks. I think it might be.

Maybe ↓?


The bounty is 3,426 million berries! !!

Fractions tried mixing all the biggest numbers of birds of prey.

However, it is highly possible that the name Mihawk is 3.49 billion.

No, but I can't imagine what this guy will do in the future ...

If possible, I want you to be undefeated until you lose to Zoro at the end.


see you again.