【ONE PIECE】Bounty predictions ⑨Rayleigh & Marco


It's LC.

This time, we will predict the amount of characters whose bounty has not been confirmed.

The 9th time is the former Roger Pirates Deputy Captain "Silvers Rayleigh" and the former Whitebeard Pirates 1st Captain "Marco"! !!






Below, let's divide each into two people.





Rayleigh is a living legend who has made various early names as a former deputy captain of the Roger Pirates, and is a man who is nicknamed "The Right Arm of the Pirate King" and "Meiou".
He currently runs a retired coating shop in the Shabondi Archipelago under the name "Mr. Ray".
He usually pretends to be a slave and participates in "human auctions", robbing the money in the store and earning his living expenses. He spends his money on gambling, and if he loses, he pretends to be a slave again and participates in a "human auction", a loop of money robbery. However, during that time, he met Luffy and rescued Camie, who was also on sale as a product.
After that, at "Shacky's Rip-off BAR", he told Luffy and his friends the final truth of Roger, and when Kizaru and Sentomaru hunted down Luffy and others, they appeared all the time and stopped Kizaru. Did.


After the end of the summit war, he resumed with Luffy on Megashima, reminding Luffy that he wanted to meet his friends soon, and reminding him of the tragedy in the Shabondi Islands, and made him aware of his lack of power. Luffy, who was worried, presented two years of training in various places where each of the crew members was blown away by bears, and Luffy who accepted this was given two years of training on the uninhabited island Rusukaina.

Rayleigh himself returned to the Shabondi Islands soon after teaching the basics of Haki, but two years later he saw Luffy returning to the Shabondi Islands to confirm his growth and set sail for the end of the crew. I saw it off.





Marco was the de facto No. 2 of the Whitebeard Pirates as the first captain of the Whitebeard Pirates and the confidant of Whitebeard. He is also one of the oldest members of the Pirates for over 30 years and is very grateful to the captain Newgate, who calls himself his son.

He was a talented animal phantom beast species "Phoenix Real Model: Phoenix" and was nicknamed "Phoenix Marco" because it regenerates with blue flames under any attack.

In the summit war, he fought head-on with the Admiral, and when Ace died, he flew a sword to his mourning companion and stopped the attack of the red dog to protect the remaining Luffy. I showed you.

After the summit war, the dead bodies of Ace and Whitebeard were buried on an island near Whitebeard's hometown.

Then, another year, he fought a large-scale battle (pre-drop war) against the remaining members of the Pirates and the Blackbeard Pirates, including reinforcements, but was defeated and is now a doctor in Whitebeard's hometown. increase.

Also, since I was studying nautical charts from a young age, I may have also served as a navigator.






Not only can you use all of the "Armament Haki", "Observation Haki", and "Conqueror's Haki" as a matter of course, but the level of each Haki has reached an extremely high level.
Although he is old now, he stopped the attack of the lightened Kizaru, inflicted damage by slashing and evenly hit each other, and even though the boat broke while going to Megashima, he swam leisurely on the calm belt. , I will do things at a level that raises suspicions that I am quitting human beings even though I am an incompetent person, such as repelling the attacking sea kings.

When he taught Luffy how to practice Haki, he showed off his armed-colored Haki enough to block the attack of a super-large ferocious statue with one hand.

Even with the ambition of the appearance, it is a level where you can easily hesitate to attack the statue with your eyes closed.

When it came to the overlord color, I fainted the statue with a glance.

As you can see from the synonyms and standing position, it is no exaggeration to say that the fighting power is the strongest level in the world.





Marco is also proud of his perfect strength as a confidant of Edward Newgate.
First, the resilience of the phoenix, which is the real ability. Kizaru's Yasakani no Magatama was received from the front, and the part that was eaten instantly recovered with a blue flame. When it became a beast type, it was invalidated instead of being eaten, and I went straight to Kizaru.
In addition, even if it is blown off by receiving the fist bone of Garp, it recovers for a short time, and the attack of the red dog is also received from the front and antagonized for a while, so not only the resilience but also the defense power is high in the top class.

By the way, this ability of the regenerating flame can be used by others, and it can also be used as a word to increase the regenerating power.

In addition, he has learned the ambition and has a high level of simple fighting power.
He showed us the strength of the Yonko Pirates No. 2 by kicking Kizaru and Aokiji to the fullest and damaging the Akainu.




【Bounty predictions】


Considering Roger's right arm and another thing called "Dark King", the forehead would be extremely high.
It's not clear why it's called the Meiou, but it's likely that he did something terrible on his own, apart from the Roger Pirates. Even Garp is a legend along with Whitebeard, so I personally think that the heyday was at the level of the four emperors.
Is it about less than that?

The prize is 4,237.7 million berries!
The fraction 2377 was taken from the diameter of Pluto.
However, it is a fact that we cannot deny the possibility that such an amount is really attached without exaggeration, and even though Luffy has been trained in humor, he is a character whose bottom is completely invisible.
Luffy is currently running up the New World at a ridiculous speed, but he will be smiling with Shacky at this breakthrough.
Also, I think that an article about the Straw Hat Pirates will be published when the world situation is drawn, but at that time I would like you to draw Rayleigh who is happy with a glance.





Currently, only Katakuri has a known prize money in No. 2 of the Yonko Pirates, but at Newgate, the captain of the Whitebeard Pirates, to which Captain Big Mom and Marco belong, the prize money is slightly separated. Therefore, executives may have a difference in the amount of money, aside from their strength.
Not only that, as Kizaru said, he is an even rarer Devil Fruit capable person than Rogia, and with Marco in addition to the four emperors as a way to stop the advance of Blackbeard after the death of Whitebeard. Since the remnants were mentioned, it seems that the power is at the next level after the four emperors.
The amount is expected to be as follows.

The prize is 1,572 million berries! It's about the same as Luffy now, but considering my experience and years as a pirate, I think it's around here. I mean, at the age of 19, 1.5 billion Luffy is funny.


see you again.