【ONE PIECE】Bounty predictions ⑩Beckman & Roux & Yasopp


It's LC.
I would like to predict the bounty of undecided characters this time as well.
Today are Red Hair Pirates sailors Benn Beckman, Lucky Roux and Yasop! !!







Benn Beckman is the deputy captain of the Red Hair Pirates and is a flintlock rifle that provides good support for Shanks.
He is one of the top IQ figures in the film, and it is no exaggeration to say that he is the brain of the Red Hair Pirates, and he is wary of the Navy.
When he came to Marineford to stop the war at the summit, he pointed his muzzle at Kizaru and restrained him.
He had black hair when he was in the village of Fusha, but now he has gray hair and more scratches on his face.
He used to tell Luffy that he wanted to be a Shanks companion, with Shanks' intention to know the fear of the sea more than anyone else. Later, when he left the village of Fusha, he saw Luffy's qualities and potential, saying, "He will grow up."
He also doesn't seem to think of themselves as saints because he is a pirate himself.





Roux is a sailor of the Red Hair Pirates and is dressed in green and white stripes.
Although he is extremely obese, he always has meat in one hand, but he seems to be on a diet.
He's always cheerful and shoulder-to-shoulder, but when it comes to fighting, he turns around and attacks his enemies mercilessly.

In the Crest War edition, he appeared in Marineford to end the war.





Yasopp is a sniper of the Red Hair Pirates, whose handle is a Napoleon rifle like a flintlock pistol, and has the nickname of Chaser (tracker).
He used to have Usopp-like curly hair two years later when he was in the village of Fusha, but now he has blonde dreadlocks and a star-patterned cloak.
He is also Usopp's real father, and Usopp's shooting skills seem to be inherited from his father, Yasop. It seems that Luffy had been told about Usopp many times, and Luffy himself said, "I've heard it before" and "I'm tired of hearing it."
His shooting skills seem to have been famous for a long time, and he is also Shanks' very first companion.
In the summit war, he appeared in Marineford to stop the war, and when he was in a rush with the Blackbeard Pirates, he was on the verge of shooting Van Augur, but he did not fight under the command of Teach. ..

Like Roux, Yasopp is usually cheerful and cheerful, but when it comes to fighting, his eyes become sharper.
It seems that he is looking forward to the reunion after seeing Luffy and Usopp who are steadily making names now.





First of all, I think that the executives of the Red Hair Pirates are higher in level than the other executives of the four emperors.
The reason is as follows,


  • At the time of introducing the four emperor prize money, only the executives of the Red Hair Pirates are listed by name.
  • Named individually.
  • The average bounty is high and it is called an iron wall.


Let's take a look at each one.





First of all, I think it is "insanely strong".

Beckman is in the No. 2 position as Shanks' companion, right arm, but is treated clearly differently from the other four emperors No.2.

It is called "Deputy Captain of the Four Emperors". Therefore, in terms of strength, I think it is closer to the captain himself, not to the executive.

In fact, he stopped Kizaru just by restraining him with a gun, and I think that Kizaru himself decided that "if he moves now, he will be shot and fatally injured." After that he couldn't move until he got a chance.

The color book also stated that it had "extremely high combat power," so there is no doubt that it is insanely strong.
He is a person who digs into the top of the characters that are expected in the future. There are many expectations that the Red Hair Pirates are those who have honed their ambitions, so there is no doubt that both the armed color and the appearance color will be at a high level.
Perhaps you can see the future a little like Katakuri, and you can feel the super wide range of signs and voices like Enel. There is a possibility.

It is highly possible that the armed color is also at a level where it can be easily attacked by a person with the ability of the Admiral, who is a Rogia.

I don't know the color of the overlord, but I think it's no wonder that I have it.

Anyway, it's a character with high expectations for the future.





Roux is also a character whose little has been revealed, but I think he is a person who is as good at humor as Beckman. He especially feels that the armed color is amazing.
It's quite possible that he's a talented person, but in that case is his ability to burn fat in his body and turn it into power? I think. Since we use fat during battles, we need to store fat all the time, and for that reason, we always eat meat and accumulate fat in our bodies.
Or, I think that there is almost no probability, but it cannot be said that we will not take a tactic of arming and hardening the meat we have and hitting it.
It seems that there will be no turn for a while, but when it comes out and actually fights, it is Mr. Oda, so I would like you to show the fight that betrays your expectations diagonally.





As a sniper, Yasopp will be a gun-based fighting style, but I think most enemies will be killed in one shot.
Also, it is also known as a chaser (tracker), but this is Yasopp's own color, looking at the wind direction on the spot and what kind of situation will occur next, so that the shot bullet hits the enemy. I think it's because I have enough arms to make it.
Or, he may have a fruit that can bend the trajectory of the ammunition (Magemage fruit?).
In any case, you can think that Lou is good at armed colors, while Yasopp is good at seeing colors.
Usopp had an awakening in Dressrosa, but at the very first awakening, he was at a level where he could feel the sign of a long distance, so I think it is an exaggeration to say that Yasopp is an evolved version of it.

I think he has a different vector from Katakuri's future vision, and is a sniper-specific look.
Of course, he can also use armed colors, so I think he can also attack Logia.
He is also one of the characters who personally wants to see the battle quickly.




【Bounty predictions】

As I wrote above, the average prize money of the Red Hair Pirates is high, so I put it on a high price.
However, I don't think it's strange that Beckman has the amount expected this time, so I'm looking forward to the actual prize money being revealed in the future.





Beckman's expected bounty is as follows.

The bounty is 2 billion berries! !! As a deputy captain, I wonder if it would be strange to have this much.
Marshall D. Teach is close to him, but I think he's made a name for himself more often than he's in his pirate career and deadline, so maybe he's going to surpass Teach. ..
Rather, the teach that became the four emperors and raised it to 2.2 billion in one shot is strange.





The expected bounty for Roux is as follows.

The bounty is 1,446 million berries! !!
Deputy captain Beckman is not an executive but an admiral or better, and as a level close to the four emperors himself, Lou and Yasop, who will be the next strongest, are as strong as or stronger than the four emperors No.2. I think.





The expected bounties for Yasopp are as follows.

The bounty is 1.62 billion berries! !!
The government was surprised at the accuracy and skill of the sniper! I am delusional w
Like Lou, Yasop is second only to Deputy Captain Beckman, so I think he is equal to or better than the other Yonko No.2.

All the other seafarers think that the average prize money is rising because the Shichibukai level is rumbling.
The Big Mom Pirates and the Beasts Pirates have few executives who are extremely strong, so they are collectively called "Shosei" or "Disaster", but all the executives of the Red Hair Pirates are strong. Or, because it is at a similar level, I think that the executives are not called by proper nouns.
To be honest, I think the judgment made by Teach during the summit war was correct. If I was fighting Shanks as it was, I think there was a high possibility that it would have been bumpy on the contrary, so lol


see you again.