【ONE PIECE】Bounty predictions ⑤Donquixote Doflamingo



It's LC.

Again, I would like to anticipate the unannounced character bounties.

The fifth time is Donquixote Doflamingo, the captain of the Donquixote Pirates, the former King of the Seven Warlords of the Sea!






Former Donquixote Pirates (family) captain and former King of Dressrosa, he has a career as a former Celestial Dragon. He is nicknamed "Tenyasha" by the government.

The prize money known at this time is 340 million berries at the time of joining Shichibukai. He is from the Holy Land of Marie Joa, has a birthday on October 23, and is now 41 years old.

He is 305 cm tall, Libra, and has an X blood type. His favorite food is lobster and his dislike is barbecue (because he has bad memories).

He stands with a flashy outfit of blonde hair, sunglasses and a flamingo-like pink feather coat, and always has a fearless smile on his face.

He has the idea that "power is everything" and "only the winner is justice" and advocates a "new era" in which only real pirates can survive. In the underworld, he is also known as the dark middleman (broker) called the "Joker", who has the strongest influence in the new world.

Also, since he is a former Celestial Dragon, he is feared by other Celestial Dragons because he knows the existence of a serious national treasure inside the sacred place Marie Joa. , Its power is more than the position of the Seven Warlords of the Sea.

He has a cunning personality called "the most dangerous man in Shichibukai" and "evil charisma", and he hates being looked down upon by others because of his past births and circumstances. He also has unforgiving brutality. On the other hand, he calls his executives and above members "family" and cherishes them as irreplaceable beings, and there is also a part that does not blame the failure of the mission. Therefore, his subordinates have absolute loyalty to be willing to die. His subordinates call him "young" or "young", especially the top executives call him "Dofy", and Luffy calls him "Mingo", and his laughter is "huhuhuhuhu".

It is a "thread human" who is capable of pulling out threads from the body and restraining and manipulating the other party and cutting substances with the ability of the superhuman Devil Fruit "Itoito no Mi".
In addition to being able to perform various applied techniques such as moving in the air by threading clouds, twisting threads to create an alter ego with performance close to that of oneself, and repairing internal organs with threads. Furthermore, we have reached the stage of "awakening" and have reached a high level where the surrounding substances can be converted into threads.

He is a user of "Haou-colored Haki" and "Armed-colored Haki", and has a very high physical ability.

A descendant of the celestial dragon "Don Quixote clan", he spoke in the same way as other celestial dragons when he was young, but 33 years ago, he abandoned the status of the celestial dragon at the will of his father, Homing Holy. I moved to the ground with my family. However, the inhabitants of the destination revealed that he was a Celestial Dragon, and he was tortured and persecuted like hell by the inhabitants who resented the Celestial Dragons, and his family was chased by him. increase. By this time, he had already awakened the overlord-colored ambition.

Two years after moving to the ground, Trebol, who discovered the qualities of the king in the introduction of Vergo, gave him the fruit of Itoito and a pistol as the "power" to take revenge. He brought his head back to Marie Joa but was refused to return. Since then, the Celestial Dragons have vowed to destroy everything in the world they dominate.

When he was killed by Marie Joa and returned, he was raised as a king by four top executives after Trebol and others and began to act together.

Seventeen years ago, he added his younger brother, Rosinante, who had disappeared, to the family and gave him the status of the second generation "Corazon".

16 years ago, Law, who had a similar idea to himself, was welcomed into the family and trained to become his right arm, and 13 years ago, Corazon was a Navy spy in a report from Vergo who infiltrated the Navy. Knowing that, he shoots his younger brother with his own hands. However, in this case, Rho will be separated from the family.

Ten years ago, he attacked a transport ship of the tribute of the Tenryu people, "Tenjokin," threatened the government and joined Shichibukai. At the same time, he threatened King Riku of Dressrosa and at the same time struck a villain with his abilities, damaging the trust of the people and taking the throne of Dressrosa in place of King Riku.

After his coronation, he gained the support of the Dressrosa people by giving them wealth, and behind the scenes, he dominated Dressrosa for many years, working underground as slaves to the Tontatta and those who made toys with the power of sugar. ..

In the original, it first appeared at a meeting after the deprivation of the crocodile title. He is skeptical of the article that Crocodile was defeated by Smoker, and finds out that it was Luffy who defeated Crocodile because the bounty jumped.

After attending the meeting, he appears in Jaya, manipulating the Circies and sanctioning Bellamy, who lost to Luffy. In the Shabondi Islands edition, he abandoned the disco and left the word "the times are smiles" and withdrew from the management of "human shop".

In the Marineford War, Little Oze Jr.'s legs are amputated and the 13th Captain Atmos is manipulated to kill each other. He also broke into the battle between Crocodile and Jozu and offered an alliance to Crocodile, but was rejected.

After the end of the war, he was ordered by senior government officials to attack Moria with several Pacificistas, but Moria suddenly disappeared and failed to stab her. His commander accused him of failing to assassinate, but he didn't care at all to leave Shichibukai whenever the deal with the government became uninteresting.

In the Punk Hazard edition, Baby 5 and Buffalo are sent to support Caesars, and they themselves head for Punk Hazard. Along the way, Rho demanded that he withdraw from Shichibukai in exchange for Caesar's delivery, and he was in a rage. Upon landing in Punk Hazard, he tries to get rid of Smoker and the Navy G-5, but is stopped by Kuzan who suddenly appears.

In the Dressrosa edition, CP-0 is moved, and false reports of the withdrawal of Shichibukai and the abandonment of the throne of Dressrosa are sent to deceive Laws, appear in Greenbit, and fight with Admiral Fujitora to hunt down Law. After a single combat, Rho was dying and taken to the royal palace.

Due to Usopp's success, when the control of toys by sugar collapses, a "bird cage" is activated to surround Dressrosa and trap everyone in the country. Then, a bounty will be given to 12 hostile people such as Luffy and King Riku, and a survival game will be set up in which you or the bounty head will be killed. After that, he confronts Luffy Rho who has reached the royal palace again, engages with Luffy, manipulates Bellamy and sends it to Luffy, cuts Rho's right arm and hunts down with Trebol, but with Luffy who took a deep hand due to Rho's strange plan and rejected Bellamy Relative.

Luffy's new power "Gear 4" will take a lot of damage, but he will not fall down and the warriors who appeared to protect Luffy who has lost the effect of "Gear 4" will be revenge, and the contraction of "Bird Basket" We will hunt down the people of Dressrosa as soon as possible. Luffy's resurrection is blocked by Luffy, who tries to slash the viola by manipulating Rebecca who has rushed to treat him lightly to earn time for Luffy's resurrection and to deal with his own viola. After a fierce battle, Luffy was hunted down to the next step with his awakened ability, but he was knocked down to the basement of Dressrosa by the blow of "Gear 4, Great Monkey King Gun" that was activated again, and both families became the Navy. Be restrained.

During the escort to Impel Down, he talked about the future world of pirates and declared that the separation of his reins would lead to the greatest "hegemony battle" in pirate history. After that, he was imprisoned in Impel Down LEVEL 6.





Doflamingo is currently imprisoned at Level 6 of Impel Down and is often mentioned in Luffy's depiction of the status quo, but I think Luffy and his friends will come out around the time they leave Wano. It is also in the form of escape.

I think he's either a guide, a jailbreak on his own, or personally a jailbreak with "Sabo who would have been caught". (Recommended episode 956)

Perhaps if there is the fourth act of the Wano country edition, I think that it is a flow of preparing for jailbreak between those acts and starting jailbreak after the Wano country edition.

In a nutshell, the combat power of Doflamingo is at the "four emperor executive level".

As you can see when he fought against Luffy and Rho, his stamina and Devil Fruit skill are monster-stained.

In addition, it also has an overlord color and an armed color, so if you combine these, you will not easily lose to the Admiral other than the Four Emperors.

Considering in detail how strong it is, I think that it is slightly stronger than crackers in the case of the Big Mom Pirates, but less than Katakuri, and more than Jack in the Beasts Pirates, just inferior to the Queen.

I don't think I can beat Katakuri and King, but I don't know if they can win completely unscathed. You're in a pretty strong class.

If there are two Sabos who are considered to be equal to or better than this Doflamingo, I think Magellan can be defeated.

In particular, Doflamingo has many skills that can be attacked from a long distance and from all directions because its ability is awake. Even if Magellan puts out a poisonous dragon, I think it's inevitable to be surprised. I think that it will be a battle where a blow of Sabo flies over the frightened place.

It would be better if there was a wall around it, and it should be possible to prevent Magellan from attacking with it as a shield, and it would be possible to find a gap and catch it.

The story would change if there was Shiryu, but it would be difficult for Magellan, who is a fluke, to deal with these two people alone.

Returning to the story, it is possible that Luffy, who left Wano, saw the newspaper and learned about the crisis of Sabo and boarded Impel Down. At that time, there is a possibility that not only Sabo but also Doflamingo will jailbreak together ...?

Like the crocodile two years ago. Executives around Pica may also come out with you.

After all, I think that the development where those who were enemies fight together before is hot, so I would like to see the joint fight between Luffy and Doflamingo.




【Bounty predictions】

Doflamingo is not only strong, but also the most indispensable existence for the government, who is a former celestial dragon and knows the treasure of Marie Joa.

Not only that, but including the fact that it was a broker in the dark society behind the scenes, I think it will exceed 1 billion.

Personally, I think it's about the following.

The bounty is 1.085 billion berries! !! ..

I think that it will be higher if countries other than Dressrosa are also controlled or if they are directly violent and harmed, but the damaged countries are war countries and most of them are related to weapons, so it is better than doing actual harm. I think it's low.



see you again.