【ONE PIECE】Bounty predictions after Wano Country arc ④Brook


It's LC.
This time as well, we will predict the prize money after the Wano country edition.
The fourth is Brooke, a musician from the Straw Hat Pirates!






He joined the Straw Hat Pirates as a "musician" and is known by the nicknames "Brook of Nose Song" and "Soul King". He is a swordfighter who fights with a swordstick and once belonged to the escort squadron leader in a kingdom in the western sea.

He is a superhuman Devil Fruit "Yomiyomi Fruit" and is a "Resurrected Human" who can be revived only once even if he dies.
He has vowed to reunite with the whale Laboon, who broke up at Rivers Mountain. He is the first person "I".

He has been on board for 52 years after he died in a pirate attack at the age of 38, and is now 90 years old. He is the oldest member of the crew. He laughs "yohohohoho". In the New World edition, he landed on the Sunny as a star in a flashy fashion.

He has a very positive personality and a lot of humor, and he makes a lot of "skull jokes".
Although he is the oldest in the crew, his tone and behavior are gentlemen, such as calling his companions with "san" and honorifics for everyone.
However, he is ill-mannered, such as burping and flatulence regardless of location.
He has no eyes on women in particular, and he has no more moderation than Sanji, such as asking "May I show you my pants?"

Although he has a light-hearted personality, he shows a manly "spirit" such as showing anger at those who sacrifice human life from the past when he died unfortunately without fulfilling his promise. Many scenes can be seen.
He has lived a long pirate life as he said, "Because it's in the season", so he has a wide range of knowledge about the mechanism of ocean currents and the actual situation of the Vinsmoke family.
But on the other hand, he hasn't been out of the ship for decades, so he seems to have been ignorant of public information.
He was not good at ghosts and was surprised when he found his own corpse in the form of his soul.
Also, he was reluctant to fight superior enemies, and when he learned that he would fight the four emperors, he hated it very much.

He cherishes Afro, who retains his pre-skeletonized appearance, so that when he reunites with Laboon, he will know who he is.
In addition, the skull opens from the crack in his forehead, and the tone dial that remembers the last singing voice with his dying companions is cherished. As you can see, there are no organs or organs, but it seems that you can eat and excrement, and you can shed tears and nosebleeds, but not blood from battle.




【Strength and activity】

The majority of attack methods are attacks using swordsticks.
The genre of music is defined in the technique name, and you can also use techniques that combine sword techniques and music. Also, because it is a body with only bones, it is light and has the fastest legs in the crew. Therefore, it is possible to make a huge jump and run on the water.

It has an unclear body structure that recovers from the damage received when drinking milk (Luffy has a similar pattern). Also, because it is already dried, attacks that absorb water and natural attacks will not work. In the New World edition, it exerts power beyond human knowledge, and it is possible to separate the body and the spirit body and leave the ghost body. Since it is a ghost body, it is possible to slip through cages and walls. Since the bones of the main body are controlled by their own soul, they can be restored even if they are broken apart by an attack. It is virtually invincible. And by putting that soul on music, the effect of music has come to be strongly demonstrated. The level of the sword has also been improved, and it is possible to mix the soul with the swordstick "Soul Solid" to attack the cold air of Yomi, or to call on the opponent's soul. As with strength, Brooke is by far the best in covert action among the Straw Hat Pirates, and in the previous chapter, Whole Cake Island, we take a copy of the Lord Pone Glyph that lies deep inside the Big Mom's home base. I have succeeded in doing so.
In the Wano country edition, I don't think there will be any flashy movements until Luffy escapes from prison, so it is uncertain who he will fight at the moment.
However, if it were to fight, it would be a samurai of the Orochi camp or a true hit of the Beasts Pirates.
Brooke has the tremendous advantage of not dying in combat and will not lose in most attacks.
He also wants Robin to get a copy of the Lord Poneglyph under Kaido.




【Predict Bounty after the Wano country arc】

Considering the above activities, I think that the combat power and mobility of Soul King are considered to be quite dangerous, so it may increase to the following amount.

The bounty is 300 million berries!
It jumped up ridiculously, but I personally think it is appropriate.
I hope you can see Brooke's serious fight.


see you again.