【ONE PIECE】Bounty predictions after Wano Country arc ⑤Usopp


It's LC. This time as well, we will predict the bounty after the Wano country edition.

The fifth is God Usopp, the sniper of the Straw Hat Pirates!






Joined the Straw Hat Pirates as a "sniper" and is known by the nicknames "Sniper King Soge King" and "God Usopp". He is from the syrup village of the eastern sea.

He has Red Hair Pirates sniper Yasop as his father and Bankina as his mother, and his mother-in-law's long nose is his greatest feature. Although he is timid and tuned, he is a dexterous and savvy shooter, and his arms are seen not only by his peers but also by the Marines.

He has often lied since he was a child, and he talks about adventures he has never experienced, and he has 8,000 subordinates, but the Usopp Pirates say, "I will never tell a lie that hurt people. ".
He often finds out that it's a lie, so it's easy to get caught (Luffy and Chopper often believe), but the lie that comes with it can become a reality.
Since he is close to the average person in the crew, he is mainly in charge of Tsukkomi, and as soon as someone is out of focus, he is Tsukkomi. On the other hand, probably because he is in a good mood and is the same age, he has a good relationship with Luffy and often plays with each other, and although not as much as Luffy and Chopper, he himself is easy to be deceived.

His dream is to "become a brave sea warrior" like his father, but he has a very timid personality and initially only thought of running away.
However, he regretted that he trampled on the thoughts of Luffy and others who acknowledged himself by escaping from the important battle, and began to actively participate in the battle. In the New World edition, he has become more brave and muscular than before his dispersal, and has acquired knowledge about pop green and combat techniques that apply it.

He has a beard and his back hair is growing, but he is still cautious and timid, and every time he tries to land on a new island, he says, "Don't do it, or you'll die." There are times when I lie, such as when I get sick.

His minions are dexterous, and he is also good at arts and crafts, and he also draws designs for the Straw Hat Pirates' pirate flag. He also repaired the Merry (although it is quite appropriate) and made weapons, and also developed Nami's weapon "Kurimatakuto". He has been supporting Frankie in ship repairs and other carpentry since he became a companion.

He is accustomed to handling insects such as spiders and insects, and he does not hesitate to touch the poisonous spiders that Nami and Sanji wanted to avoid. In terms of health, like Luffy and Sanji, he has never had an illness.




【Strength and activity】

His sniper skill is inherited from his father, Yasop, and his favorite pachinko machine, "Galaxy Pachinko," boasts an amazing hit rate.
He is also good at sniping with cannons, and the Sunny's "Gaon Cannon" has been successful with a single shot, and the creator Frankie has described it as "first and foremost."
After arriving at Enies Lobby, he uses the pachinko "Kabuto", which is bigger, more powerful and has a longer range than before, but the hit rate is still alive despite the range and strong winds. ..
In the New World edition, he uses "Black Kabuto" to calculate and shoot wind power and wind direction, showing a feat of hitting a target several kilometers away.

As long as it is a pachinko machine, it is more difficult to shoot than a gun because of the factors such as the trajectory and trajectory of the launch, the wind and wind direction, the posture when shooting, and the action of loading the bullet.
Usopp has the ability and intuition to pull off these challenging techniques, although it has a lower range and more chances in combat.
He also shows the versatility to master all shooting weapons if he cares.

The bullets used for slingshots can be stuffed with some chemicals, chemicals, and sometimes spices that can disperse when hit by an enemy, giving them fire damage and additional effects on the objects they have given.
In the New World edition, by adding a seed of a rapidly growing plant called pop green to pachinko bullets, it has become possible to make even more tricky attacks.
Currently, pop green is cultivated on the deck of the Thousand Sunny, like Nami's tangerines and Robin's flowers.

Although his strength is not high, he has won the battle against strong enemies due to the tactics and tactics that create a gap between the opponents.
There is also the aspect that the escape leg is abnormally fast and it is quite struck and strong. In battle, in addition to sniping, you can use various props in your shoulder bag, deceive your enemies with a sniper, and use storytelling to cover your weakness.
When he had a duel with Luffy, he took full advantage of this advantage and made Luffy struggle.
Furthermore, in the Dressrosa edition, I was awakened to the ambition of the color of sight, and clearly visualized a window of a building far away.

In the current Wano Kuni edition, we are handing out rebellion designs while selling Gama's oil.
Usopp is likely to embark on the development of weapons against Kaido, as Frankie said, as well as combat.
Since Usopp can do things that Luffy and Zoro can't do (dark leaps), it seems that they will play an active role in behind-the-scenes support and work rather than fighting on the front line.
It feels like when Sugar, who is an important person in the Dresrosa edition, was stunned and the toy was released, and this time as well, he played an important role in overturning the disadvantage of Luffy by making the Kaido camp disadvantageous behind the scenes. It seems that.
Of course, there is nothing to do in battle, and there is a good chance that you will fight someone from the Big Mom Pirates or the Beasts Pirates.
From Usopp's ability, I think that a true hit is not a flying six guns but a normal true hit, but it is still quite strong, so it will lead to a sufficient reduction in the opponent's strength.

He has a lot of SMILE abilities who can fly in the sky and SMILE who can run at high speed, so there may be a development to defeat them from one end.

If so, I think that it may be useful to cooperate with someone to defeat the minister of the Big Mom Pirates and the Flying Six Guns.
In the meantime, you may be able to awaken your eyes and control them freely.




【Predict Bounty after the Wano country arc】

When it became 200 million after being nicknamed God Usopp in Dressrosa, there were many aspects that were not the ability evaluation as a sniper, which is the heart of Usopp, so this time it is an activity like Soge King in the Enies Lobby edition. It seems that it will be evaluated and further improved.
Others may wonder if it has something to do with Yasop in that it has a similar name to the sniper.
From the point of view of being able to control the color of the appearance and powering up the pop green, I think it will be as follows.


The bounty is 400 million berries!
I think it's time for the government to regard Usopp's abilities as dangerous.