【ONE PIECE】Bounty predictions after Wano Country arc ⑥Franky


It's LC.
I would like to predict the bounty after the Wano country edition this time as well.
The 6th time is Franky, a Straw Hat Pirates carpenter! !!






I joined the Straw Hat Pirates as a seventh companion, a ship carpenter. His real name is Katy Fulham, not Franky.
He is known by the Navy as "Tetsujin".

He features a light blue Regent hairstyle and always wears sunglasses. He is actually a cyborg, not a real human being, and is equipped with many weapons.
In the New World edition, he has undergone further modifications to make him more alien. His arms have been remodeled to look like parts of a large robot, with the letters BF-37 engraved on his shoulders, and his hairstyle has changed from Regent to Shaved.
His dream is to board a ship he has built and watch it reach the ends of the sea. Since he was a kid, he always wears only shirts and sea buns and wants to pose a lot. His habits are various, such as "Super !!", "Super ○○○○ !!", "Is this week?", "Au !!".

His skill as a carpenter is very good, and in the Thriller Bark edition, he can build a decorated bridge in an instant, make stairs in the air using pieces of board during battle (Franky aerial walk), and cooperate with Usopp. You can do plumbing work at high speed. His tools such as hammers and screws are always in his pants. When he builds the Thousand Sunny, he also builds small boats such as the Mini Mary, a shopping boat, and the Shark Submarine, a submarine, and sometimes shows a nifty side. The Mini Merry was very popular with all the sailors, and even Zoro said it was "the best consideration". However, regarding Shiromokuba No. 1, I was angry later because it was a modification of Nami's Waver.

It is a metamorphosis that both self and others recognize, and it may react to words such as "formation" and "transformation", or it may be happy to be called. However, although he has a decent sense and good sense and often played a blurring role at the beginning, after joining the crew, he often speaks calmly from an objective point of view. He is an emotional shop inherited from Tom and is extremely fragile, and when he hears human emotions, he is moved and sheds tears.
And sometimes he plays a song on the guitar or ukulele with lyrics of his feelings and thoughts.
It also has a hard-boiled side, and when you give out such a line, you can cheer on women as much as Senor Pink.




【Strength and activity】

Franky is a remodeled human who has a weapon loaded all over his body, so if he is a predecessor, the ammunition will not work like Luffy (it seems that he sometimes feels pain and blood may come out), but the back side is not remodeled. It will be damaged like a real human being.
His energy source is cola, which is also a cold constitution because it is set in the refrigerator inside the abdomen and absorbed (up to 3 can be set).
When the fuel runs out, the regent of his hair hangs down, making it impossible to activate the weapons he has loaded, and he can no longer exert his power. He is the slowest of the crew due to his weight.

However, he has shown high fighting power since his first appearance, has succeeded in defeating owls by fighting on an equal footing with Luffy, and is said to be "in the realm of superhumans" by Luffy.

In the New World edition, not only the appearance but also the interior has changed significantly due to the major remodeling, but the point that cola is the fuel is common, and it seems that the weakness of the back has not been improved.

As you can imagine, Franky thinks he has all the blueprints for Pluton in mind (the blueprints when he burned them in the Enies Lobby).
I think that it will be a flow to make it as a weapon for Kaido in this edition of Wano Kuni.
Not only this, Sanji's raid suit may be analyzed and evolved into a more powerful one, and it may be more active in support than the front line.
Like Usopp, it's not always a support, and you may defeat your enemies yourself.
However, since Big Mom has lost his memory, he will focus on the Beasts Pirates instead of fighting the Big Mom Pirates.
Franky's own fighting power needs to be raised even more, so I want you to fly around here and defeat the Flying six.




【Predict Bounty after the Wano country arc】

Defeats Flying Six, is a weapon for Kaido, hurt Kaido, and has the technology of Vegapunk.
If the above three points are known to the government, the amount will jump.
Considering the balance, it seems to be as follows.

The bounty is 420 million berries! !!
In particular, I have a feeling that it seems dangerous because I have Vegapunk technology.


see you again.