【ONE PIECE】Bounty predictions after Wano Country arc ⑩Jinbe


It's LC.

This time as well, we will predict the bounty after the Wano country edition.

The 10th time is Jinbe, the helmsman of the Straw Hat Pirates!






Jinbe is, as the name suggests, a whale shark fisherman.

Originally from Fish-Man Street, he was born on April 2nd and is now 46 years old. He is 301 cm tall, in Aries and has the same blood type as Luffy.

He belonged to the Seven Warlords of the Sea until two years ago, and was also named as the second captain of the Taiyo Pirates.

He then officially became Luffy's companion as the Straw Hat Pirates helmsman. He is nicknamed "Jinbe of the Sea" by the Navy and government, and his latest bounty is 438 million berries, which is a huge bounty.

A large man with two fangs from his lower jaw, with hair tied up behind him, sideburns with swirling eyebrows, and scars from his left eye to his temples. Wearing.

As the two names of Kaiho, he is also the owner of the spirit of morality that goes through the goodwill.

He is also trusted by Fish-Man Island and Totland and is called a "boss" by the islanders, but the government calls him a "pirate-hating pirate" and actually hates other pirates. ..

However, he pays great respect to Whitebeard, who has the benefit of protecting Fish-Man Island, and calls him "Oyasan."

Also, because I used to go in and out of the Whitebeard Pirates' ships frequently, I had acquaintance with the captains, and I am especially close to Ace, so I call him "san".

Since Luffy and his friends are living twice as long, they rarely act on their own, and have a strategic side of thinking about strategies from a broad perspective, and can make relatively calm decisions even in tense situations. can.
However, he has a slightly different side, such as trying to think of a strategy name in the absence of time (laughs).

He uses the old-fashioned way of speaking, such as adding "-ja" and "-ja-no" to the end of the word with "I" in the first person. He is not only a master of fish-man karate, fish-man jujutsu, and the martial arts used by fish-man, but he is also a user of armed-colored haki and spectacle-colored haki.

He once had an extraordinary fighting power among the fish people, such as having fought a five-day death battle with Ace even on land where the fish man's original strength could not be demonstrated.

He also has the ability to talk to fish while he is a fisherman and can also summon whale sharks.
He is good at grasping the movement of ocean currents and waves, and also has excellent steering skills to manipulate the sails of a ship by himself like surfing.

At the age of 30, he was a soldier in the Neptune army and was called "Aniki" by his hometown Aaron.

Fifteen years ago, he joined the Taiyo Pirates formed by Fisher Tiger and was the second-largest pirate after Tiger. It was also at the beginning that a prize of 76 million berries was awarded.

Although negative to Queen Otohime, who has been calling for reconciliation with humans since his time as a soldier, he experienced encounters with various humans on his long voyage and gradually changed his perception.

After the death of Tiger 12 years ago, he began to lead the Taiyo Pirates as the second captain, and 11 years ago he was invited by the government to approach the government and became the first Shichibukai fish. .. However, the independence of Aaron, who was released by amnesty, would be regarded by the public as the one who sent him to the "East Sea."

In the Impel Down edition, he was forcibly convened by the government during the public execution of Ace, but he was imprisoned in Impel Down LEVEL 6 because he refused to convene in preparation for the deprivation of the title of Shichibukai.
He cooperated with Luffy who appeared to rescue Ace, and when he arrived at Marineford after jailbreaking, he declared Sengoku to leave Shichibukai.

He supports Luffy by standing on the side of Whitebeard in the war and rejecting Moria who tried to steal Luffy's shadow. After Ace's death, he holds his unconscious Luffy and defends himself from the pursuit of the Red Dog, but he himself is pierced in the chest and seriously injured. Fortunately, he was helped by a crocodile that appeared the moment he was stabbed by a red dog, and escaped to Megashima on a low submarine.

Approximately two weeks later, after severely admonishing Luffy, who had fallen into desperation due to the death of Ace, and reminding him that he still had friends, he performed the 16-point bell action that Luffy caused at Marineford, which had landed again. I'm leaving Luffy.

After that, he was wanted again due to the withdrawal of Shichibukai, so he left Fish-Man Island in consideration of the influence on the islanders and became a member of the Four Emperors Big Mom.

Two years later, he reunited with Luffy in the Fish-Man Island edition, boarded the Straw Hat Pirates with the Straw Hat Pirates to prevent the ambitions of the new Fish-Man Pirates who rebelled against the Kingdom of Ryugu, and played an active role in defeating Wadatsumi in a joint battle with Sanji. Show you.

After the end of the civil war, Luffy invites him to join him, but he refuses here because of his duty to Big Mom. However, I promised to become a companion if I got rid of the problem.

After Luffy and his friends leave Fish-Man Island, they will take down Caribou, who tried to kidnap the mermaid again, and hand it over to the Navy G-5 branch of the New World.

In the Whole Cake Island edition, we offer to withdraw from the umbrella by quelling Big Mom, who had trouble eating in Sweet City. However, if you turn the "roulette" that decides what to do before dropping, you will find out that not only you but also many friends will be sacrificed, and once you withdraw the request.

After that, he helped Pecoms who was dropped into the sea by Bedge, and when he told him about Bedge's assassination operation for Big Mom and plans to kill the Vinsmoke family of Big Mom, he decided to rebel against Big Mom and help Luffy and others. Head over and rescue the opera from the prisoner's library.

After that, when he met with everyone, he proposed to Luffy, who decided to crush the wedding, to join hands with Bedge, and set up a meeting place.

On the day of the wedding, during the Big Mom assassination operation, he officially declares his withdrawal to Big Mom. At sea after escaping from the tea party, the Big Mom will chase and chase the Sunny, but by leading it to the "Green Room", it will avoid the high waves caused by the Big Mom.
However, although he was still chased by the chasing Big Mom, the fleet led by the smoothie, and the mother ship, he broke off the chase and joined Luffy on the island of Cacao. When the Aladins appeared in support, they decided to serve as the Thousand Sunny with them and promised to meet Luffy and others again in Wano.




【Strength and activity】

After parting from Luffy, he had stranded the mothership and friends of the Taiyo Pirates, Germa 66 and the Big Mom Pirates, but described the depiction that would have eaten the Big Mom's soul pocus, "LIFE or DEAD ??". Finally, there is no mention of Jinbe (Pirate of Taiyo and Germa 66). However, in episode 907, I have a normal conversation with Kaido, so it seems that a series of things have been completed.

What happened to the jinbes?

Personally, I think Jinbe has lost one of his arms or legs. After all, I don't think Big Mom will return safely. Considering the worse situation, it has become Homey's.

Once you become Homey's, you can't go back, so it will be difficult to travel with Luffy and others in the future.

Maybe Brooke can manage it, but ... I don't think it's something that can be easily returned.

In episode 959, Luffy explained to Zoro and others that Jinbe had officially joined the ranks, and he was wondering that Jinbe had not come even though Big Mom had come to Wano. I don't think there is.

Personally, I'm hoping that Luffy and his friends will come to help in the Onigashima decisive battle.

From here, let's assume that Jinbe has come to Onigashima, the country of Wano.

For the time being, with Jinbe, water problems will be mostly managed. However, the water area between Wano and Onigashima is not a "sea" but a "river", so it is difficult to call whale sharks as they did during Impel Down. I'm most happy that all the Taiyo Pirates come. The strength of the opponent is still insufficient, and the naval battle-specialized Aladins are a valuable force.

As for Jinbe himself, it's easy to imagine that he's powered down a little, given the expectation that he's lost one arm or one leg.

However, even if the opponent is the Yonko Pirates, it is not so easy to be defeated, so I think that it can be defeated by a minister who has attacked with multiple people and a few flying six guns. Jack, a big signboard, and when it comes to the queen level, I think it's hard to be a one-armed man.

Snacks, ovens, and daifuku are the ones that can barely be managed there. Or I think that the line that can deal with two flying six guns at the same time is the limit.

Defeat 600 million to support Luffy, or defeat more than 300 million to support Luffy.

I think that they will play an active role in these activities.

Even though I'm actually starving, I think it's unlikely that I won't win because there is a mystery "Buraikan" that has blown away the big mom.




Predict Bounty after the Wano country arc】

So, considering the success of the above forecast, I think that it will jump to the level of the four emperor executives.

Considering that it does not reach the big signboard, it is about the following.

The bounty is 950 million berries! !!

However, even after becoming a member of the Straw Hat Pirates, the battle is likely to intensify rather than continue, so I think it will continue to rise.


see you again.