【ONE PIECE】Bounty predictions after Wano Country arc ⑪Kid & Law



It's LC.

This time, I will predict the bounty after the Wano country edition.
The 11th time is Captain Kidd Pirates "Eustass Captain Kidd" and Captain of the Heart Pirates "Trafalgar D. Waterl Law"! !!






Below, let's divide each into two people.





Kid is one of the worst generations, red-haired, punk-dressed, and like Luffy, with the goal of becoming a pirate king, a very warlike and cruel person. He is 23 years old and has a royal ambition.
He is a superhuman talent and seems to have the ability to manipulate magnetic force. He is currently known for his style of attacking with materials made of iron and metal, as well as collecting swords and guns to create huge arms.

Two years ago, when they gathered in the Shabondi Islands, they appeared in a rush with Scratchmen Apoo, one of the same worst generations. At that time, he was the only one to boast a bounty (315 million) that surpassed Luffy.

Luffy said, "I'm the one who finds One Piece," and said, "I've crushed all the people who laughed at those remarks." On the contrary, it can be said that those who are stupid are unforgivable types.

At the same time, he admits to Luffy and law, who are of the same generation, while looking at them as rivals. Because it says, it will be an enemy on the voyage, but it seems that he wants to meet again.

After seeing the Marineford War, he admitted that the era began to swell due to the death of Whitebeard, and that the existence of Blackbeard, who was born instead, was "a considerable amount of money."
Before entering the new world, I entered the new world by beating the pirates who had returned to the sea (paradise) in the first half.

After entering the New World, he challenged the Red Hair Pirates for two years and lost his left arm, and the Big Mom Pirates sank two ships under his control and took one of the executives, Shosei. He said he robbed him of what he should have done.

His lost left arm is making his prosthesis with his abilities. (At this time, his bounty has risen to 470 million.)

After that, along with his partner Killer, he formed a pirate alliance with Basil Hawkins and Scratchmen Apoo, who are the same worst generation, with the goal of overthrowing "Yonko Shanks", but suddenly jumped from the sky island directly above and committed suicide. I ran into Kaido, and even though I counterattacked the killer, I was beaten up. At this time, Hawkins turned over to Kaido because he had no chance of winning, and Apoo was found to be an information store of Kaido from the beginning, and as a result, he was betrayed and was imprisoned in the prison of Onigashima. ..

After that, he was moved to the Wano country "Rabbit Bowl Prisoner Quarry" and reunited with Luffy, who was also imprisoned after challenging Kaido.
In the rabbit bowl, he gets angry when he sees the killer who was made to eat a smile, but he is waterboarded with the killer while being tied to the chain of Kairou stone by the big sign "Queen of the plague" of the Hyakuju Pirates. However, the sudden appearance of Orin (Yonko Big Mom) escapes the difficulty. In the turmoil at that time, the key was handed over to Thunder Elephant, and after removing the handcuffs, he went to regain the killer and his companions, leaving behind saying "The alliance is already sick."

After that, it seems that he didn't want Luffy to take Kaido's neck, so he rushed to Onigashima with Luffy and law. Upon discovering the traitor Apoo, he immediately launches an attack and then heads for Luffy, Zoro, Killer and Kaido.





law is one of the worst generations, a former King Shichibukai, a former Donquixote family executive, and nicknamed the Death Surgeon. He is also a clan of D because he has a D in his middle name.
He has a sword called "Kiho", and he is a superhuman operoper who can generate a circle in a certain range and control the inside like an operating room.

He also has a high level of basic combat power, and can use armed-colored happiness and observable-colored happiness.
Two years ago, when he gathered in the Shabondi Islands, he appeared with a bounty of 200 million berries, was present at the auction site with Luffy and Kid, and after seeing Luffy beat the Celestial Dragons before he met the general. Break through the Navy's siege and escape the Shabondi Islands.
After that, he suddenly appeared in Marineford because he had a bad relationship and it would be boring if he died in such a place, and rescued Luffy and Jinbe who were dying and operated on them.
After delivering Luffy's personality to Megashima, he said, "I will definitely take away the chairs I should take," and entered the new world later than other generations.

During the two years he was the mastermind behind a case called the Rockyport case, and his bounty jumped to 440 million.
He then delivered 100 pirate hearts to the Marine Headquarters, entered the Seven Warlords of the Sea, and joined Luffy at the Punk Hazard. At that time, he overthrew to defeat Donquixote Doflamingo of the Seven Warlords of the Sea, who was the soul of his beloved Corazon. Succeed in defeating Doflamingo. (At this time, his bounty money goes up to 500 million.)

After defeating Doflamingo, he formed the "Ninja Pirate Mink Samurai Alliance" with Luffy in order to defeat Kaido in earnest, and broke up with Luffy and infiltrated Wano first.
In Wano, he is trapped by Hawkins, who has been chasing his self-confidence, but on the contrary, he cuts Hawkins into pieces, escapes from the prison by somebody's guidance, and rushes into Onigashima with Luffy and Kid. While Luffy and Kid are decoys, they dive under Onigashima with the samurai and proceed to the deepest part at once.




【Strength and activity】


Kid is currently struggling to defeat Kaido on Onigashima with Luffy and others, but it can be said that it is certain that he will make an effort to defeat Kaido first. It seems that Luffy, Zoro, Kid, and law are the last to defeat Kaido.
Currently, the red-sheathed samurai and Kaido are being defeated, while Kid was speculating that he might defeat the big sign Queen, but Zoro "preserved his strength by the time he fights Kaido. I want to keep it, "so I may reach Kaido as it is without fighting the executives.

That said, it's okay to get revenge on Apoo now, but I haven't defeated him, so I'd like to see him completely defeated as a betrayal sanction.
Or I think there is a pattern in which a killer who knows the weaknesses defeats him and the kid goes on as it is, so I'd like him to settle with Apoo for the time being.

Also, Kid has the same overlord color as Luffy, and there is a high possibility that he has awakened his abilities, so I would like him to awaken and level up in this decisive battle.
As for Haki, I feel that I can use not only the overlord color but also the armed color and the appearance color, so I want you to show the strength of the level that is comparable to Luffy and Zoro. Regarding awakening, will magnetic force be generated in the surrounding buildings? I think that the range of magnetic force will expand for the time being. If the range of magnetic force finally extends to the entire island, it will become huge like Douglas Barrett, or it will be fused with metals in the air to make multiple lumps before using Lipel. I'm looking forward to Dr. Oda because I can make attacks that are reminiscent of the continuous shooting of cannons, and I can think of any number of attack methods depending on how I do it.





It seems that law was devoting everything to defeating Doflamingo, so he will be able to play an active part in the decisive battle of Onigashima, but when defeating Kaido, he may not be as active in the front line as Luffy, Zoro, Kid. think.
The reason is that when it comes to actually fighting, the slashing attack from the room does not seem to work for Kaido, so there is currently no further means of attack. The story will change if Professor Oda puts out a new technique at the time of the decisive battle, but he was not training like Luffy and Zoro, and like Kid, various ways of fighting and his own deep digging will come out from now on. But no, I feel that law has run out with Dressrosa, for better or for worse.
However, since he is one of the three captains alongside Luffy and Kid, I think he will do something.
First of all, since the ability of the operation can do most of the things, I think that it will play a role of clearly identifying the weaknesses and gaps of Kaido and communicating them to Luffy and others as in the case of stampede. Then, when Luffy and his friends make a concentrated attack, I think they will make a rearguard turn, such as frightening or staggering Kaido to make the attack easier.
Then it's not a fight, but there is a theory that Luffy will have an immortal surgery to end his life, but I think this is personally possible.

There are two main things that you might think of Luffy and Luffy.


  • The same D clan as myself.
  • Those who have achieved their true feelings.


As you can see by actually reading the original, if law was a woman, I think that Luffy would fall in love with Hancock.
When she was actually asked by Doflamingo why she believed in Luffy, she said, "D will definitely call a storm again," so I feel a strong confidence that she would do it if she were Luffy. ..

Personally, I don't want to see the development of immortal surgery and death, so I want you to live to the end even if you have a hostile relationship with Luffy and others.

I have derailed, but in summary, the idea is that "Kaido will be defeated, but Luffy, Zoro, and Kid will not fight in the avant-garde."




【Predict Bounty after the Wano country arc】


In earnest, it will be regarded as the leading figure along with Luffy among the worst generations.
I think it will be widely named as "one of the worst generations who defeated the four emperors."
The estimated bounty is as follows.

The bounty is 1.57 billion berries! !!
I will defeat the four emperors, so I think it's time to reach this level.





Even if law doesn't go wild on the front line, I think he will be "one of the worst generations who defeated the four emperors" like Kid, so I think it will be more than the average of the four emperor executives.
I feel that the forehead jumps up because the ability of the operation is more important than his fighting power and danger.
The estimated bounty is as follows.

The bounty is 1,475 million berries! !!
It seems that it will rise to almost the same level as the kid.

Kid and law are likely to be the ones who will promote the worst generation of Yaba after Luffy, so there are two heads to the worst generation (Hawkins, Apoo, etc.) that are unlikely to come into play. I think it will be about a minute away.




2022 postscript : Kid and Law defeat Big Mom! ?? !! ??

When I thought about it, Kid and Law defeated Big Mom! !!
I don't know if I've completely defeated it yet, but I think it's highly possible that I've defeated it because it's a "collapse of the old" and it makes me feel the change of generations.

When it comes to that, by defeating 4.3 billion by two people, I feel that Kid and Law will each rise to about 2.2 billion.

There is no particular hierarchical relationship.