【ONE PIECE】Bounty predictions after Wano Country arc ⑫Luffy & Zoro



This time, I will predict the bounty after the Wano country edition.
The twelfth time has finally come.

The captain of the Straw Hat Pirates, "Monkey D. Luffy," who is making great strides, and the combatant, "Roronoa Zoro," who is also a member of the Straw Hat Pirates! !!

* This time, I am doing my best to favor Zoro. If you are not good at the situation where you are putting your shoulders on such a specific character, we recommend browser back.





【Success and what to do after this】

Below, let's divide each into two people.
I think everyone already knows about the profile, so let's take a look at what they are doing in Wano and what they are likely to do after now (episode 1037).

This time, I will extract only the part that seems to be related to the bounty.





First of all, Luffy will defeat the four emperors "Kaido of the Beasts".
He has repeatedly declared, "I will beat Kaido!", So I'm wondering if this is the case.

After entering Onigashima, he engaged with the same worst generation "Scratchmen Apoo" for a moment, and encountered a flying six-story Uruti and head-butted with a strong man. We will arrive at the rooftop in 1000 episodes while fighting.

After that, he asks Rho to move the nine red-sheathed men who lost to Kaido to the lower floors, and throws an evolved blow "Rubber Rubber Fire Pistol (Red Rock)" that can be taken as a signal for the start of the war into Kaido's face.
Kaido, who was hit by a larger armed color, Ryusakura, imagined the existence behind Luffy who could interact with himself.

Next, avoid the technique "Raining Bagua" that was stretched with a single blow when fighting in Guri last time, with the evolved "Future Vision".
However, it cannot be completely avoided, and it will scoop Kaido's gold rod.

After that, he managed to overcome the attack of the same four emperors "Big Mom" ​​with Zoro's assistance, and while fighting with Eustass Kid and Trafalgar Law, he responded to Kaido with Gear 4, but he could not make a decisive hit.

At that time, Kaido, who became motivated and transformed into a human beast type, will eat the blow "Trailokyavijaya, Hina Raku" wearing a tremendous ambition.

At this point, the white of the eyes is finally peeled off and it goes down, but with the help of Zoro and Rho's death, he manages to regain consciousness.
Luffy analyzes the battle, saying, "The attacks so far have worked for Kaido, but they were shallow."
And I finally notice it in the abyss I just ate.

You can also wear the conqueror's Haki.

When I ask Kaido about this, he says that it is a work that only some strong people can do, and tries to attack Luffy again.
However, Luffy defends it with his feet.
Not only is there a huge black lightning bolt, but Kaido's gold rod and Luffy's feet are not touching.
This situation was more than enough to represent Luffy's new evolution.

Luffy wears the conqueror's Haki on his feet.

Next, he wore the conqueror's Haki on his right fist and shot on Kaido's belly.
Perhaps he answered the stone, Kaido who blows blood from his mouth.
And another one, the upper that wears the conqueror's Haki from directly below on Kaido's chin.

I finally succeed in bringing down Kaido.

After that, he tells Zoro and Rho that he is okay, and brings them to the Thaiman game with Kaido.
From here, the attacks made by each other will not be touched, and the impact of the conqueror's Haki will be scattered, and it will be a large-scale battle that takes a step further.

But! !!

He wore the conqueror's Haki, but the operation was poor. Gum Gum ... what? ?? ??

Luffy is blown away from the roof.
He had his white eyes stripped and was defeated by Kaido again.

However, he manages to save one side by demonstrating the mysterious power of talking to Momosuke and the Polar Tang in the sea.

After that, the stored meat is flattened and returned to Kaido again with the help of Momo who has reached the original age due to the ability of Shinobu.
The third round started after breaking in between Yamato and Kaido, who are having a parent-child confrontation on the roof.
"I will definitely win Kaido," he declared to everyone again.
Upon hearing that, Kaido asks Luffy, "Is it possible to beat me?"
In response to this question, Luffy collides with Kaido with a new saying, "Because I'm alive, it's infinite!"

Luffy finally reached the realm of breaking the heavens due to the collision between the blows in the conqueror's Haki.

And when everyone in the crew beat the executives, Luffy might have become accustomed to the technique of wearing the conqueror's Haki, and he is fighting evenly with Kaido while developing new techniques.
However, while being puzzled by Kaido who suddenly started drinking alcohol, he charged.

I managed to respond to Kaido's onslaught, which was getting stronger after drinking alcohol that I thought was drunk, and counterattacked.
Then, the elephant gatling wearing the conqueror's Haki, commonly known as the "rubber-rubber rock gatling", was launched against Kaido's great skill "Military Ryuseigun", and a fierce battle between the two.

It is in the state.

After entering Wano, Luffy learned that in addition to the armed color that is one step higher, he also learned the work of wearing the conqueror's Haki, which can only be used by a limited number of strong men.
If he ranks, he will be in the Yonko class, and I feel that there are no more living characters that can beat Luffy with a 100% chance.

Is it only Gorosei and Im-sama whose bottom is unknown on the hostile side?
Blackbeard and Shanks haven't completely bottomed out yet, but it's subtle because it's hard to predict how to defeat Kaido, the strongest creature.
However, Blackbeard is likely to become stronger in the future, and since he is also a candidate for Las Boss, it is not strange to surpass Kaido.

So, I think Luffy will defeat Kaido as it is and greatly contribute to the opening of Wano.





Next is about Zoro, but it's more active than you can imagine.
After defeating Onigashima..


  • Destroy the Gifters
  • A flash like a return to the tossed Apoo
  • Around the early stage against Kaido and Big Mom
  • Accepting Kaido and Big Mom's combined technique "Hakai"
  • Leave a new wound on Kaido with the big skill "Kiki Kyuto-ryu, Ashura, Swordsman, Dead Game"
  • Begins to wear the conqueror's Haki on 3 swords and defeats King (1.39 billion), Kaido's right arm.


It's a ridiculous rampage.

Did Luffy and Zoro steadily approach Pirate King Roger and Meiou Rayleigh around the time when Luffy began to wear the conqueror's Haki after slashing Kaido in episode 1010? Maybe we'll start controlling the conqueror's Haki in the next chapter? ?? I was wondering, but I never thought I would control it in the battle with King ...! !!

And two years later, I was very excited by the first devilish nine-sword style.
When Luffy ate the abyss and fainted, and Kaido tried to pursue further, it was a technique that was released with the intention of aiming at this before the captain.

Devilish nine sword style, Ashura, sword pulling, dead play


No way, you too have the conqueror's Haki ...! ??

To the extent that I would say.

After that, I left Kaido's opponent to Luffy who was resurrected, and went down with Rho.
Instead of super-recovering, he throws in a drug that has the side effect of double suffering later, and revives with the appearance of a flower shape. I will bite the King into the first purgatory demon slasher.

From there, Zoro's second round, "vs King," began.

Halfway through, he struggled with King's strange fighting style, but he considered it to be an unknown race, neither a fisherman nor a giant.
No attack works and it is confusing. I think about how to do some damage, but the new sword Enma goes out of control.
Zoro, who was struck by a gap and was chased, also let go of the third generation demon withdrawal and Wado Ichimonji.

There he manages to retrieve the swords, but the moment he picks them up, he dreams of memories with each sword.
While I was remembering, I thought about Gigi who was in Shimotsuki Village, but I noticed that Gigi was the "Kousaburo Shimotsuki" who struck this Yama.
Furthermore, I was surprised at the strength of Kogetsu Oden, who was dealing with such a rampage, and at the same time, I read Enma's intention to try myself now.

If you keep giving this amount of supremacy, your body won't have it ...

From the idea

No, that's fine ...! !!

I change my mind and release all the ambition.
Then, the soldiers behind him fainted ...

Zoro is finally awakened by Enma to the conqueror's Haki supremacy.
Moreover, all three swords have thick black lightning bolts.

Zoro rushed up to the level of not only intimidation but also wearing.
King quickly understood, "Do you want to be a king ...?"
Asks Zoro.
Zoro asked that question..

Well ... I have an appointment with the captain ... my best friend! !! !!

Answer, and face the battle with King again.

Zoro's slashing in the conqueror's Haki cut through King's mask, finally revealing King's true face.
He has black feathers, brown skin, white hair, and is characteristic of the Lunaria tribe. He said it would be 100 million berries if he was struck by the government.

Isn't it really handsome?

From there, the battle will intensify.
Zoro's three-sword style evolved into the Enou three-sword style.

When the fire on the back is burning, which is the nature of King, the defense power is insanely high and the speed is not fast.
When the fire on the back goes out, it gets really fast, but the defense becomes brittle.

Then, as the captain's right arm, the fighting continues, and King finally unleashes the great skill "Amulet Fire Dragon Emperor".
On the other hand, Zoro has developed a further evolved technique, "Yamao Santo Ryu, 103 Ji Hiryu Samurai Goku".
Zoro's "One hundred and three emotional flying dragon samurai poles" cut through a huge magma dragon reminiscent of a red dog, and finally succeeded in slashing the king.

In the aftermath, even the black feathers, which are the symbol of the Lunaria tribe, are cut off and the King is defeated.


After that, remembering the promise with Luffy, he decided to become the king of hell while letting go of the conqueror's Haki.
It seems that he is sleeping after getting down to the ground, probably because he is getting tired all at once.

It's Zoro, but it's a lot of evolution that isn't edgy.
A man who surpasses Mihawk.
If we go on like this, not only Mihawk but also Rayleigh will be surpassed, and he is likely to become the strongest swordfighter and No. 2 in the world.




【Predict Bounty after the Wano country arc】


Blackbeard "Marshall D. Teach" is currently at the forefront of the worst generation, but what if Luffy defeats Kaido and Kid and Rho defeat Big Mom?
Blackbeard is also taking action by saying, "If you can take it by the Navy, I'll get it !!", so it is highly possible that the bounty will be raised during the next act.
Perhaps Luffy and Teach will finally be in the same rank.
The estimated bounty is as follows.

The bounty is 3,062.1 million berries! !!
Is it possible to exceed 4 billion? ??

I thought myself, but Luffy wasn't fighting from the beginning to the end (Akasaya, the worst generation, Yamato and others have also fought), and the longing Shanks is 4 billion, so it's a little lower than that. I made it.

By the way, the fraction is Luffy (621).





Not only was Luffy's right arm running at the top of the worst generation, but he was stronger than I had imagined, so I was excited.
The estimated bounty is as follows.

The bounty is 2.25 billion berries! !!


Too expensive

There is no 2 billion

Beyond Blackbeard

I know 1 billion, but 2 billion ...


I can understand the voice of everyone's heart lol.

Do you remember what you did first?

If you do Zoro's favor to your heart's content.
And if you don't like it, please browser back.

If you don't like it, please go home so as not to be offended anymore (*'▽')

Well, the reason why I made Zoro so high is,



  • Because the story is at the end
  • To surpass the four emperor class Mihawk
  • The power to slash the strongest creatures
  • Defeated the strongest creature's right arm and the extremely rare Lunaria tribe


It's roughly like this.
Even Luffy when he defeated a billion erythronium did so, so I personally think that if he defeats more kings, it wouldn't be strange to be able to do so.

At the lowest, it's about 1.52 billion to 1.72 billion.

By the way, here is Mihawk's bounty forecast.


✓Check required




Emergency in episode 1043! Awakening! Joyboy! Nika!

Luffy is finally awake! !!

Even though there was a CP0 side spear, Luffy lost.
Personally, I feel like I would have lost if I fought as it was without the intervention of CP0.

Even the "King Kong Gun", which seems to be the strongest technique in Luffy today, is not very effective against Kaido. ..

Don't Ryuo, don't infusion the Conqueror's Haki.

Then there is no choice but to awaken the fruit.

I'm aware that it's special, but I laughed at the fact that rubber rubber wouldn't awaken if I didn't do this.
And the shock that Kaido, who thought he could beat him if he wore the overlord color, went even higher.

Perhaps at the end of episode 1043, Luffy became a joyboy sufficiency, but I can't predict what will happen from here.
However, I think it is almost certain that Luffy will be recognized as the most erasable existence if Gorosei becomes aware of his awakening.

So, after the Wano country edition, the strength is 4 billion or more, but I think that the prize money will jump to more than 5 billion due to the danger as an existence that should be erased with the highest priority.

Nika with a smile, Joyboy ...!



See you again.