【ONE PIECE】Bounty predictions after Wano Country arc ⑬Marshall.D Teach"Black Beard"


Hi, this is LC.

Luffy has finally awakened, the battle with Kaidou has entered its final phase, and the Wano Country Arc that began 4 years ago in 2018 is finally coming to an end.

The change in the bounty on Luffy, Zoro, and the rest of the Straw Hat gang is very interesting, but there is someone who is making mysterious movements behind the scenes in the land of wano that we are seeing now.

Yes, that is Blackbeard, the "Blackbeard". That is Marshall D. Teach, aka Blackbeard.

He is also a candidate to be Luffy's last enemy, but what is he doing while Luffy and the others are trying to drive out Kaidou from Wano Country?

He is also saying something meaningful in the world affairs, so after thinking about the meaning of that line, I will consider how much the bounty will be raised.





【What Blackbeard said in World Affairs.】

Everybody! We're setting sail! I'll take it first, rather than let the Navy take it!


This is the line.

As he said in episode 957, I am curious about the "rather than be taken by the Navy" part.

This could mean that what Blackbeard is after, the Navy is after as well.

In other words, the Navy and Blackbeard's pirates may be clashing or have already clashed.




If you start a battle with the Navy


One battle that many people may have been thinking about is the fight with Kizaru.

Many people thought that the two would eventually fight, since they are darkness and light, and Teach himself said that he would not let any light escape.

I was one of them, and I thought they would fight.

Well, Blackbeard will win, but it is not Luffy's adventure, so I doubt that it will be described in detail.

It will be like the battle against Ace on Banaro Island.




【What he told Shanks two years ago.】

We got what we wanted. It is not yet time to fight you people.


He said this, but I think this is an allusion to the later clash with the red-haired pirates led by Shanks.

Two years ago, the time was too early.

So what about now, two years later?

Well, they will fight.

By the way, he says a similar line to this to the Navy.

When he tried to get a warship in exchange for the jewelry bonny, he found out that Akainu was coming, so he withdrew.


Damn! We don't want that situation yet!


I think it's a flag to fight.

When he said it to Shanks and when he said it to Aka Inu when he arrived, he used the word "yet," so we can think that maybe, or maybe not, it is a flag to fight.

We cannot deny the possibility that he may have crushed not only the Red-Haired Pirates but also the Navy itself.

The power of the "wobbly fruit" was discovered by Whitebeard at the time of the Summit War.

And this is despite the fact that he was in the worst condition at that time, aging, ill, and squad.

Marine Ford was easily half destroyed.

But then Blackbeard took it, and he easily used the same technique as Whitebeard.

I understand the opinion that since he had been on Whitebeard's ship for a long time, he would have seen the technique, but seeing it and actually doing it are totally different.

In short, Teach is very dexterous despite his appearance.

What do you think will happen to Teach two years from now?

Yes, I think he will be more enhanced and sublimated into his own technique.

Not only that, there is also YamiYami, which can be said to be a symbol of Teach.

Of course, it will never be the same as it was two years ago, and I can't imagine what it would look like now.

It may be that he is creating a fusion technique of Gura Gura and Yami Yami.




【Where Blackbeard might go.】

  • Whole Cake Island
  • Amazon Lily
  • Impel Down
  • Mera-Mera fruit
  • Wano Country(Wano Kuni)


Hmmm. I don't think there are any of the above four.

First of all, there is no sign of Blackbeard's attack on Whole Cake Island, since the door picture of the island is currently serialized as of episode 1044.

There doesn't seem to be any Onna-gashima either. It's not like when Hancock picked on Bonnie because she was cute...nothing like that. Hancock is probably fighting Coby right now.

I don't know what is the purpose of going to Impel Down either, and I don't think there is one.

I don't think he would release Doflamingo alone and make him one of his friends now, and there is no reason for him to do so.

I don't think he would release Doflamingo and join him now, and there is no reason for him to do so.

The "mera-mera" fruit is also a bit of a mystery.

There is no indication that the Navy is after melamera, so I don't think it is very likely.

As for Wanokuni, I think it is possible.

They are targeting Luffy, after all. I wonder if he intends to become the king of the world with the power of darkness and the sun, which are opposites.

Well, he could do it if he wanted to, but since Teach is the opposite of the sun, I don't think he would try to make the sun god dwell in him.

I think Teach's Yami Yami is also something.


This ability chose me! Ace!


What are you saying, that Yami Yami has a will? I can't help but wonder if Yami Yami has a will.

The fruit with a will is said to be of the Zoong type, so perhaps Yami Yami's fruit has another hidden name, Hitohito's fruit model "? I wonder if Yami Yami has another hidden name, "Hito-hito no Mi?




【Relationship with Rocks.D Xebec】

  • The name of the ship is "Sabre of Xebec."
  • His hobby is historical research.
  • In Pirate Warriors 4, Teach said he would be "King of the World."
  • Based on the pirate island of Hachinos, where the Rocks Pirates were formed.


Well, after all the similar things that have been said and depicted, there was actually no relationship at all.

I am sure that there is a relationship between the two.

Well, if we think of it simply, Teach may be trying to become the "King of the World," which Rox could not achieve.

And I believe this will be realized.

There are many things that will be realized, such as what Joy Boy could not achieve 800 years ago, what he said the same thing as Roger, the end of his dream, etc., but there are also many things that Luffy, who prefers freedom, the opposite of Teach, the D who prefers to rule, will be able to achieve. moment to regain what he had lost in the past 100 years.

Only the culmination of D's will, which favors freedom, will be accomplished, and not the will of D, which favors domination.

No! The longing of both wills will be fulfilled.

The time is a bit off, though.




【Is Blackbeard the last enemy to fight?】


This is what more than half of us think.


  • Black Beard
  • Shanks
  • Imu


I think most of them can be narrowed down to these three, but for me, it's either Teach or Master Im, just 50-50.

For Teach to become King of the World, he has to succeed in what Rox tried to do.

In other words, he has to defeat the world government.

If that is the case, Im-sama would not be the last enemy.

However, Luffy's ultimate goal is not the Pirate King, but the end of his dream, so he will already be the Pirate King when he fights Master Imu.

If that is the case, there is a high possibility that he has become the pirate king by defeating Teach, who is the last wall of the pirate king.

I wonder which one it is...

I would like to see the final battle between Luffy, who became the pirate king, and Teach, who became the king of the world.

By the way, I don't think Shanks is the last boss because I don't know if he is an enemy or an ally, and also because there is a high possibility that he will be killed by Teach.




【Relationship with the Revolutionary】


The Revolutionary Army is another organization that is trying to overthrow the World Government.

However, since a battle is brewing between Burgess and Sabo, it is not impossible that we may see a Dragon vs.




【So what is Blackbeard after?】

Ancient Weapons Pluton.


Personally, I think this is it.

There are whispers in the street about the Blackbeard Cerberus theory, and I also believe it is Cerberus.

Cerberus is said to guard the palace of Hades.

Furthermore, Hades appears in Roman mythology under the name Pluto. Both are gods of the underworld, the opposite of the earthly world.

It is almost certain that the name of the ancient weapon Pluto is derived from this Pluto.

This will probably lead to Teach invading Alabasta, where Pluto is hidden underground, and robbing Pluto.

Also, as for how the Navy will be tied in, the key to this is a line said by Garp.


The case concerns the Alabasta.


Here it is.

Why Garp, of all people, a Marine?

If you want to tell readers that there was an incident in Alabaster, you could have used Morgans.

So why Garp?

Before telling the incident, he also said this.


The Navy will do its best to solve the case, but please do not fear the ground, the humans!


The Navy is set to move.

The dead person that Morgans refers to is almost certainly Cobra, as far as the world situation is concerned before entering the Wano chapter.

He says he has something to ask Gorobei, and Gorosei even says, "Let's hope the story is not a stiff one," so he must be sure it is a stiff one.

And to keep his mouth shut....

A country that suddenly loses its king naturally panics.

That is why I think he set up the naval barrier to protect the country.

As a member of the world government, the country must be heavily guarded.

Fleet Admiral Sakazuki thought that other fierce pirates were gathering in Wanokuni and crushing each other, so he sent one admiral to alabaster to thin the force a little.

That was Kizaru. He led his lieutenant admiral and many other officers and sailors to Paradise.

Sakazuki also said this.


Wano will be left alone! We do not possess the strength to devote to it! Mr. Sengoku.


Before entering the Wanokuni Arc, when Kaidou and Big Mam were about to clash, Yellow Monkey said, "Shall I go?" When Kaidoharu and Big Mam were about to clash before entering the War No Kuni Arc, he stopped them by saying, "Wait," but at that time he did not express that he had little strength to fight.

However, after the Alabaster Incident, he assured that he had no forces to devote to Wanokuni, which leads me to believe that the number of forces at the naval headquarters was different before and after the Alabaster Incident.

Fujitora was on the ship and talking with Akainu, so we know that he is going somewhere and is not at the headquarters.

The point is that as of now, two of the three admirals are gone from the navy headquarters.


And in Alabasta, just as I was thinking that the Navy admiral is there and he should be fine, I saw several ships with pirate chi with three skulls on their hulls.

That's right. Blackbeard's pirates.

Thus began the battle in Alabasta between "Blackbeard" and "Yellow Monkey," with both navy commanders leading a large number of their men.

The result was a victory for Blackbeard's pirates.

The result was a victory for Blackbeard's pirates, and Yellow Monkey was defeated. This is an unprecedented incident.

Blackbeard then invades Alabasta and captures the ancient weapon "Pluton".


I think this is how it goes.

However, it does not end here...

After obtaining the plutonium, Blackbeard's pirates tried to return to Hachinos, but were confronted by the Red-Haired Pirates led by the Fourth Emperor "Red-Haired Shanks".

Teach had just acquired a pluton, but he decided to settle the score with Shanks, whom he thought he was destined to fight sooner or later.

The result was a victory for Blackbeard's pirates.

By the way, the reason why I chose Shanks is because I believe that the "certain pirate" mentioned by Shanks in episode 907 is Teach.

Just as two years ago, he advised Whitebeard to avoid a conflict with Ace by informing him of the danger level of Teach.

At this time, Kaidou and Big Mom were scheduled to clash in Wano, and Shanks himself moved to stop Blackbeard, thinking that there was no other force that could stop Blackbeard.

By the way, it may be an ancient weapon that Master Imu tore up the photos of Luffy, Teach, and Shirahoshi, as well as the handbill.

Teach is Pluton and Shirahoshi is Poseidon.

Then, Luffy may get Uranus.





【Predict Bounty after the Wano country arc】

Defeat admiral and Yonko and you will be at the highest level of danger in the world.


Of course, his bounty will jump up by defeating the admiral "Kizaru" and Yonko "Red-Haired Shanks".
I think the bounty will be about the same as Luffy's, or maybe not much different.
I think his danger level will also go up to the level that he should be eliminated next to Luffy, so I expect it to be about the same or less.



It's 5,047.6 million berries!
It's over 5,046 million berries, which is the bounty of Whitebeard, and I feel like we're finally at the stage of deciding the pinnacle with Luffy.

By the way, here is the bounty prediction for Luffy.





That's all for this issue. See you soon.