【ONE PIECE】Expect unknown character devil fruit abilities



It's LC. It's been a while since I wrote an article here, but I really wanted to write about this, so I'll write it (^ _-)-☆

Character ability prediction! !! So far, various people have published videos and articles, but I'm going to write an article because I'm reaching the limit.

Although the original has reached 80%, it can only be said that there are characters whose abilities are still unknown.





List of characters that anticipate abilities

  • Ryokugyu
  • Edward Weevil
  • Monkey・D・Dragon
  • Gorosei(Five Elders)
  • Imu


It is difficult to predict because it seems that unfamous creatures will also appear as abilities by Rosamygale Graubogery of Black Maria lol.





  • snake snake fruit model Titanoboa
  • croc croc fruit model Purussaurus
  • croc croc fruit model Deinosuchus
  • croc croc fruit model Sobek


We have selected fasting and powerful creatures as candidates because they are fasting.




Edward Weevil

  • dragon dragon fruit model Guivre
  • dragon dragon fruit model Wyvern
  • human human fruit model Zhu Bajie


Guivre and Wyvern are French dragons. I chose it because it is equipped with jewels and because it is female. I chose Zhu Bajie completely by appearance lol.





  • wind wind fruit
  • dragon dragon fruit model Dragon
  • snake snake fruit model Balaur
  • bird bird fruit model Thunderbird


There is a lot of talk about the fruit of Kazekaze, but I think there is a possibility.

Considering the gust in Rogue Town and the blast in the Kingdom of Goa, which was Luffy's past, it's still a wind.

However, if even the thunder that fell at the moment Luffy was executed by the buggy was the power of the dragon, it would not be possible to explain it completely with Kazekaze, so I bet at about 30%.

Balaur is a Romanian dragon.
There are multiple necks, which affect the weather.

Thunderbird is an American phantom beast.
It is a huge bird worshiped by the indigenous Indian tribes there, and it throws lightning and causes strong winds.
It is very similar to what the dragon actually did in the work.

In addition, the tattoo on the face of a worshiping Indian tribe may look exactly like the tattoo on the face of a dragon.
I think this ability is quite likely.




Gorosei(Five Elders)

Saint.Shepherd Juu Peter

  • snake snake fruit model Quetzalcoatl
  • bird bird fruit model Piasa




Saint.Ethanbaron V.Nasujurou

  • snake snake fruit model Naga
  • snake snake fruit model Vritra
  • human human fruit model Bishamonten
  • bird bird fruit model karura




Saint.Topman Warcury

  • dragon dragon fruit model King Ghidorah
  • snake snake fruit model Leviathan
  • fish fish fruit model Bahamut




Saint.Marcus Mars

  • bird bird fruit model Yatagarasu
  • snake snake fruit model Mizuchi
  • human human fruit model Otakemaru




Saint.Jaygarcia Saturn

  • dragon dragon fruit model Fafnir
  • snake snake fruit model Lindworm
  • snake snake fruit model Needs Heg





  • snake snake fruit model Tiamat
  • snake snake fruit model Jormungand
  • snake snake fruit model Midgards Orm
  • snake snake fruit model Nagaraja
  • snake snake fruit model Ananta


I think that the snake is a suitable ability because it means that the movement of wrapping it controls.



see you again.