【ONE PIECE】Bounty predictions after Wano Country arc ①Bepo



It's LC.
One Piece is currently getting excited because it is the second act of the Wano country edition.
So, suddenly, from this time on, I would like to predict how much the prize money will be raised for each character after the end of the Wano country edition.
Since I have been hitting the four emperors in earnest from the HCI edition, the amount of increase in the amount will be an order of magnitude compared to when I just entered paradise or the new world. (Example: Luffy 500 million → 1.5 billion)
So let's go immediately ('ω') ノ
The first character is Bepo!






Bepo is a polar bear mink who is a navigator of the Heart Pirates led by Trafalgar Law, a supernova from the North Sea.
He is characterized by his words and actions and connections that are suspicious of human beings, and his habit is "Aye-aye".
He is 22 years old and his birthday is November 22nd.
He can draw nautical charts as a navigator, but his writing is very bad. However, his navigation itself does not seem to be bad, and he seems to have a high level of skill that does not seem to be apparent, such as crossing the Calm Belt even though he was accompanied by Jinbe.




【Strength and activity】

The only fighting method is fighting, but because it is a mink, its strength is incomparably stronger than that of a normal person.
He seems to be a martial arts user and can move very quickly, but his mentality is weak for his strength and physique, and he immediately dents when he is told that he is a bear.
The prize amount is only 500 berries, which is hardly regarded as dangerous by the world government.
Since the looks are completely animals, it is possible that the World Government may only see them as "pets owned by the pirates", just like the Straw Hat Pirates surgeon "Wataame I Love Chopper" (a prize of 100 berries). Is high.
Until now, he hasn't played an outstanding role in the Wano Kuni edition, but when it comes to a decisive battle with Kaido, Orochi, and Big Mom, there is no doubt that he will fight with his friends as an elephant mink.
There are many scenes where you are actually treated like a mob character, but from the perspective of a real small fish enemy or mob, it is a very strong existence. I think that if you acquire supremacy, you will be strong enough to finally become an opponent as a combatant or executive of a pirate group. This time we have various alliances with pirates, minks, samurai, and ninjas (Is it necessary to separate them from samurai? W), so I think each one has its own turn and show.
Therefore, I want you to stand out by rampaging with everyone in the elephants.




【Predict Bounty after the Wano country arc】

The bounty is 50 million berries! !!
I personally rank in the top of cute characters, so I want them to play an active role .


See you again.