【ONE PIECE】Bounty predictions after Wano Country arc ②Tony Tony・Chopper



It's LC.

This time as well, I will predict the prize money after the Wano country edition (^^)

This time, Tony Tony Chopper, the mascot character of the Straw Hat Pirates!!






I joined Luffy's group as a "surgeon". He is also known as "Wataame Love Chopper" and is from Drum Island on the "Great Route (Grand Line)".
Originally a blue-nosed reindeer, he became a talented person by eating the animal-based Devil Fruit "Human Human Fruit". He is a "human reindeer" who can transform into a human beast type, a human type, and a beast type and can speak human language, and aims to be a doctor who can cure anything.

He is the youngest member of the crew and has an innocent personality. As the name implies, he is a big sweet tooth.

In addition to his knowledge and skills as a doctor, he has a number of abilities that are far from humans and animals, such as being savvy, understanding the language of animals and interpreting.
When he is praised by others, he is shy and sullen, but because of his overly straightforward personality, he does not hide his emotions and joy. But his tone gets worse. A stranger is very cautious and has a habit of hiding in the shadows immediately (the way of hiding is the opposite). Born on Drum Island in Fuyushima, he is vulnerable to heat and is not good at smelling perfumes. He basically doesn't like conflicts, and Nami's angry appearance is his weakest point.

He is a member of the crew and is on good terms with Usopp, who is often deceived and duo. The friendship is solid, such as trying to persuade Usopp alone when he broke up temporarily in the Water Seven edition, and crying and rejoicing when he returned to the crew. On the other hand, in the New World edition, apart from the tension, I got better and I had to look ahead to Brooke's gag and dent him.

He usually looks like a petite beast. He is often mistaken for a raccoon dog for the beast type and a gorilla for the human type, and he is angry each time. He has human abilities, but since he is a reindeer, he is basically not interested in the body and sex appeal of a human female, and can take a bath with Nami and Robin. On the other hand, the reindeer mink female Milky I met in the Principality of Mokomo was mesmerized.

As Dalton describes as "inheriting the best skills and spirit as a doctor," he understands the preciousness of life more than anyone else and treats injured ones, even marines, indiscriminately. She respected Dr. Hogback, a well-known doctor who saved people through a miracle-proclaimed surgery, but when she learned that she was a dead man, the opposite of the public's reputation, she exposed her disgust and bitterly. I'm criticizing. He was angry when he learned that Caesar was giving stimulants to his children in the New World edition.

Since I met Dr. Hiruruk, I have been devoted to scholarship and research with Hiruruk and Dr. Kureha, but all his skills are selfish. Since joining Luffy's friends, I have followed many Shuraba with medical technology and saved many of my friends' crises. By making full use of the rumble ball during battle, he demonstrates high combat power and has defeated stronger enemies than himself. In the past, he was afraid of being rejected because of his ability, but he decided to become a "real monster" for Luffy who accepted himself.




【Strength and activity】

The chopper has multiple transformation forms in addition to the three transformation forms of human type, beast type, and human beast type that a normal animal-based person has.
The first is called leg strength strengthening (walk point) and corresponds to the beast type. It can be said that it is the original appearance of the chopper. In the "New World Edition", the corners are quite strong, and the overall size is also large.

The second is called weight enhancement (heavy point) and corresponds to the humanoid. This form is used when you want to increase the power. In the "New World Edition", it became bigger and more muscular, and Zoro praised him as "a lot of monsters."

The third is called brain strengthening (brain point) and corresponds to the human beast type. This form is used when you want to gain an advantage in battle, such as analyzing your opponent to find weaknesses.

And the other form is the transformation form by the pill "Rumble Ball" which Chopper developed in many years of research and deviates the wavelength of the transformation of the animal-based Devil Fruit.
It is an item that can be transformed into 7 steps in total for 3 minutes, in addition to the usual 3 forms, and 4 more forms.
However, rumble balls are, so to speak, "a powerful drug that forcibly enables deformation that is not possible in the first place", and if taken, they can be transformed into a form that is not normally possible, but the appropriate amount is one every 6 hours.
If you take two doses within 6 hours, the medicinal effects will overlap, the wavelength of the deformation will be too out of order, you will not be able to control the seven-step deformation well, and it will be difficult to change to the desired form. Furthermore, if you take the third one, the transformation ability will run out of control due to the wavelength that is too crazy, and it will transform into a huge "monster" and lose its reason.
In this form, you can get enough power and attack power to unilaterally beat CP9's bear bird, but it consumes a lot of physical strength so that it can be life-threatening, and after the deformation is released, you can not move for a while due to recoil. I will.
The huge form when taking the third one is also due to the ability of the Devil Fruit, so if it falls into the sea, the deformation will be released and the runaway will subside. As a form, jumping power enhancement (jumping point) that dramatically increases jumping power, Fur strengthening (guard point) that dramatically increases defense power, Strengthening the strength to dramatically increase the attack power (arm point), There is a special form, horn point, which is used when you want to perform tricky battles.

In "New World Edition", the above form can be changed without a rumble ball, and the runaway state that changes due to the abuse of 3 rumble balls can be transformed while keeping consciousness as a monster enhancement (monster point).

It's such a chopper, but what kind of activity will it play in Wano?
My personal expectation is to analyze the ability transmission path of the artificial Devil Fruit SMILE to further increase the means of combat and power it up.
I expect that the opponent to fight will be a true hit, or around the executives and ministers of the Big Mom Pirates.
As a new battle method, you can fight efficiently by fusing the forms that have been individually transformed.
Or it could be a whole new form. I don't think it's possible to accidentally give up ambition and grow by controlling while struggling.
In fact, if the power of the animal system is combined with the power of the armed color, it will be a tremendous power, and I want you to go beyond the Pecoms area here.




【Predict Bounty after the Wano country arc】

Perhaps the Navy / government's view of choppers may be called "pets" until the end.
However, I think his fighting ability and risk will increase like any other companion.
If you defeat the executives and ministers of the Big Mom Pirates and the Beasts Pirates in the Wano Country edition, it will be a reasonable prize.
The prize amount is as follows! (^^)!


The bounty is 100 million berries! !!
Yes, it went up ridiculously from the current 100 berries (laughs)
The government, which used to see cotton candy as a favorite pet, will soon realize the true strength of the chopper.