【ONE PIECE】Predicting and considering Monkey.D Dragon's abilities.



Hi, this is LC.

About a year ago, I wrote an article predicting the abilities of characters yet to be identified, but I wanted to split it up and put it out there because I crammed too much into one article.

Here are some excerpts from this article.




This time, we would like to introduce the commander-in-chief of the Revolutionary Armed Forces and the world's worst criminal, "Monkey D. Dragon"!!





Commander-in-Chief of the Revolutionary Armed Forces, the world's worst criminal, "Monkey D. Dragon".


The "Dragon, Commander-in-Chief of the Revolutionary Armed Forces," who is also Luffy's father and is called the world's worst criminal, has been narrowed down quite a bit and looks like this.



  • Wind-Wind fruit
  • Weather-Weather fruit
  • Dragon-Dragon fruit MythicalType Model:Dragon
  • Snake-Snake fruit MythicalType Model:balaur
  • Bird-Bird fruit MythicalType model:Thunderbird


There has been quite a lot said about the kaze-kaze fruit, but I think it is possible.

Considering the gust of wind in Rogue Town and the blast in the Gore Kingdom in Luffy's past version, I still think it is wind.

However, if even the lightning that struck Luffy at the moment of his execution by Buggy was powered by Dragon, Kazekaze will not be able to explain it completely, so my bet is about 30%.




Wind-Wind fruit


As the name suggests, it is the ability to control the wind.

Quite a few people have guessed it.




Weather-Weather fruit


↑Unlike the ups's Wind-Wind, this is an ability to manipulate the weather entirely.

Personally, I think this is the one if not the phantom species of Zoan.




Dragon-Dragon fruit MythicalType Model:Dragon


Next, let's look at the "Dragon-Dragon fruit". In this case, we will assume that "dragon," "Western dragon," and "dragon" are just different names for the same thing, but all refer to the same entity.

In this case, we will use the term "Western dragons.

Incidentally, Kaidu's blue dragon is an "oriental dragon," which is the opposite of a western dragon.

Just to mention a few differences...


  • Oriental dragons are snakes with horns, legs, claws, and scales.
  • Western dragons are lizards with horns, wings, and scales


The answer is "yes". If we assume that the lightning in Rogue Town was also a dragon's ability, then this is more likely to be a Western dragon's ability than Kazekaze's. As far as Kaidou's Blue Dragon ability is concerned, it is more likely to be a dragon's ability.

As far as the ability of Kaidou's blue dragon is concerned


  • Can send hot air, lightning, and cattails from its mouth.
  • Generate a dragon scroll around you.
  • Can fly in the sky with a flaming cloud emanating from its body.


Since dragons can do such things, it would not be surprising if they could do similar things if they were Western dragons.

In particular, Western dragons are said to be able to manipulate the weather, so it would not be surprising if they could create gusts of wind or blasts, or even drop lightning.




Snake-Snake fruit Mythicaltype Model:Balaur


Balaur is also classified as a western dragon.

It is a dragon from Romanian folklore, and it looks like a dragon to the fullest...but the lore describes it as a snake monster, so I'm going with snake snake this time instead of lurid.

Balauru also affects the weather, so maybe it is a possibility.

The fact that it has multiple heads makes it look like a cool, squidgy version of Orochi.

If a dragon were to use it, it would be red and green in color.

And then there is... Ryu-tsume-ken (Dragon Claw Fist). The name suggests a dragon.

Sabo used to use it, but he has been in the Revolutionary Army since he lost his memory in his childhood, so there is no doubt that he learned it from Dragon.

I am sure that Dragon himself will use Ryu-tsume-ken when he fights, but I wonder how powerful is the power of the headquarter...!

I mean, the Revolutionary Army has a huge collection of martial arts: Okama Kempo, Fisherman's Karate, and Ryu-tsume-ken, right?

Maybe there are other martial arts that just haven't been mentioned yet...?

Maybe there are people from Hana-no-kuni? Or a former Happo Suigun (naval force) eight jaw fist user?

By the way, in Western mythology, dragons are considered to be the enemy of God and therefore evil.

I think this might also apply to the hostile relationship between the world government (Celestal Dragon = God) and dragons.




Bird-Bird fruit MythicalType Model:ThunderBird


I have dug deeper into what my friends have told me about the Thunderbirds.
First of all, the Thunderbird is an American phantom.
It is a giant bird that was worshipped by the Indian tribes that were indigenous there, and it can drop lightning, create strong winds, etc.
It is very similar to what the dragon actually did in the movie.

Furthermore, the tattoos on the face of the worshipped Indian tribe and the tattoos on the dragon's face look exactly alike.
We think this ability is quite possible.

I have a feeling that dragons are about to make their move in the next world situation. I think that he can't afford to wait and see what happens with Sabo, so I'm excited if he leaves Wanokuni and meets up with Luffy after he finds out about Sabo's case.


That's all for this issue. See you then.











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