【ONE PIECE】Bounty predictions ⑦Jozu & Vista


It's LC.

Again, I would like to anticipate the unannounced character bounties.

The 7th time is former Whitebeard Pirates 3rd Captain Jozu and 5th Captain Vista! !!












Jozu was a member of the Whitebeard Pirates as the third captain.

He admires the captain, Edward Newgate, as a "father" and, like Marco, is the oldest member of the Pirates.

He is nicknamed "Diamond Jozu" by the Navy and government.

He is 503 cm tall and has a birthday on November 11th. He has an X blood type. His Devil Fruit ability, as his nickname is, eats "glitter fruit" and can transform a part of his body into a diamond.





Vista belonged to the Whitebeard Pirates as the 5th captain.
He features a long curved beard and top hat.

Like Jozu, the captain's Newgate is called "Oyaji" and longs for him, and he is also the oldest member of the pirate group along with Marco and Jozu.

He is a well-known two-sword swordfighter known to the Navy, the government, and Mihawk, and is also known as the "Vista of the Flower Sword."

He is 47 years old and he is 328 cm tall. His favorite is potato frit (rosemary flavor) and his blood type is X.





Both Jozu and Vista have a level of strength and ambition that is unrivaled by other pirates.





As mentioned above, there is an atmosphere that seems to be strong from the name of a diamond human with glittering fruits, but not only the name but also the power of the person himself is extremely high level.

First of all, you can catch the slash of the world's strongest swordfighter "Dracule Mihawk".

A part of it is made into diamonds, and you can see that it is "strong" by itself, but Jozu's great point does not stop here.

Also, his strength is tremendous, and he can cut and throw ice blocks.

Not only the power, but also the speed and ambition are remarkable, and it damages the crocodile of the Rogia system ability and the Admiral Kuzan.

There was no depiction that clearly used the ambition of the appearance color, but you can see that the armed color is super powerful just because it can damage the Rogia-type ability person and the Admiral.

After that, he suffered a big blow that he was frozen by Kuzan and lost his left arm, and he lost the pre-drop war with the teaches a year ago and it is unknown where he is now. increase.

If you keep losing, you won't be able to fit in, so I hope you will reappear and play an active role as Luffy's ally ^^





As a swordfighter, Vista has the strength of being one of the best in the world, and fights using a technique suitable for being called a flower sword.

In the summit war, Luffy is supported by interfering with Mihawk who is aiming for Luffy.

There, Mihawk is proud of the fact that he remembers his corps number and nickname.

At that time, I didn't feel that both of them were serious about it, but I can still see Vista's ability to connect with Mihawk.

As for Haki, when Ace died, he and Marco slashed at Sakazuki and made him say, "I'm annoyed ... Haki messenger ...".

It seems that the magma flowing in the stone was not caught, or it was pre-read and hesitated, it seems that the damage of damage was not given, but it is armed at a level called "annoying" with Sakazuki. I found out that I have the ambition of color.

Like Joz, Vista is unknown after losing the pre-drop war a year ago, but if he can be on Luffy's side, he will reappear and wait! !!




【Bounty predictions】

There is no doubt that both Jos and Vista are being watched by the Whitebeard Pirates, and they are even the oldest.

Since the number of relatively new ace is 550 million, I think that it will be doubled considering the age and the period of affiliation.

It will be as follows.





The prize is 1.24 billion berries! !!

In terms of strength, it may be stronger than crackers and smoothies, and maybe even stronger than Katakuri.

Since the captain is Edward Newgate, it seems that the amount is high, but w

Let's go to Vista!





The prize is 1,022 million berries! !!

As for Vista, I didn't have a personality that doesn't care about the shape like Jozu, but I thought that there were many parts that were warlike but calm, so I chose this amount.

The strength is not much different from Jozu, and I think there is a level where I can fight well with Katakuri.
Or rather Vista may be stronger than Katakuri lol


see you again.