【ONE PIECE】Bounty predictions after Wano Country arc ⑦Nico Robin


It's LC.
This time as well, we will predict the bounty after the Wano country edition.
The 7th time is Robin, the Straw Hat Pirates "Archaeologist" !!






Joined the Straw Hat Pirates as an archaeologist and became the sixth member of the crew.
He is called "The Devil's Child" by the government. He is from O'Hara in the West Sea.

She is a straight bangs She has long bangs and is a clear and cool beauty.
In the New World edition, she wears sunglasses with her hair all back. She is a superhuman Devil Fruit "Hanahana Fruit" capable of growing parts of her body wherever she wants.

He first appeared as a partner of Crocodile, the vice president of the secret crime company Baroque Works, and was in a hostile relationship with Luffy and others.

He is traveling with Luffy's companions to unravel the "blank 100 years" that occurred about 800 years ago in history.
She is particularly knowledgeable about information and knowledge in the crew, and is good at discovering, analyzing, and investigating archaeological sites from the archeology she learned in O'Hara as a child.
She is also the only person in the world who can decipher the text of history (Poneglyph) in the film.

He is always calm and has a bird's eye view of things, sometimes making good and rational decisions and leading the crew. However, she is angry and mercilessly attacks those who ruin the venerable things left by her predecessors.
Although he is usually a common sense person, he often has ominous ideas from his past experience of living a painful and lonely life, and often makes his companions terrified by his straightforward and terrifying words and deeds.
In the original, there are times when you have a fun and entertaining imagination in a speech bubble, but the author says, "Because it is clumsy, it would be horrible to make it into a picture or a word."

From the trauma of the past, he decided not to make a reliable companion, and he used to show a ruthless expression, but he met Luffy and his friends, who are truly forgiving and reliable, and in the Enies Lobby edition, they are real. In a sense, I became a member of the crew. Since he is aware of that, he used to call his friends by job title and appearance, but after the Enies Lobby edition, he has been called by abandonment.
According to the author, it is "proof of openness to friends."




【Strength and activity】

The main tactic is to use the ability of "Hanahana no Mi" that you have, to grow your hands everywhere in the opponent, to decide the joints and to hit.
Especially in turbulent battles and group battles, it is extremely advantageous, and it is an excellent ability to support friends. In addition, it is possible to grow eyes, legs, and ears, and in the New World edition, it is possible to grow a large amount of parts of the body and combine them into one huge body part, even at a certain distance. It is also possible to create your own alter ego.

As mentioned above, it is a fairly versatile ability, but there is also a risk that the main body will also be damaged if the growing part is damaged.
Robin's own fighting ability is not very high, so if he is restrained by the handcuffs of Kairou stone or submerged in water, his fighting power will be significantly reduced. In addition to this, since the ability is basically premised on touching the opponent, it is difficult to touch such as natural ability people and ability people who incapacitate the opponent just by touching like sugar. It is extremely incompatible with opponents and invisible enemies.

I've introduced the combat method above, but Robin is still very good at intelligence and dynamism, so I don't think he'll do much public action this time.
After all the best is Poneglyph.
Since Lord Pone Glyph has said that it is on Onigashima, I think that he will take actions such as deciphering it in anticipation that the place where Road Pone Glyph is protected will be thin on the day of the decisive battle.
I don't know if it will be a battle with Oniwaban again at that time, but I personally feel that Oniwaban will reach the Oden side, that is, the assistant side of Momo, so it may be surprisingly easy to read Poneglyph. Is it not?

However, if there is another person who is defending Poneglyph, there is a possibility of fighting that person.
And I think it will grow not only in stealth but also in combat.
Two years later, I feel that Robin hasn't shown all of Hanahana's abilities, and by keeping secret in the extreme state of supremacy and supporting his friends, his appearance gradually awakens like Usopp. I think it will come.
I think he's not fighting one-on-one with someone, but helping his friends during a turbulent battle.




【Predict Bounty after the Wano country arc】

At the end of the Wano country edition, Robin thinks he knows "the contents of the Road Pone Glyph on Whole Cake Island" and "the contents of the Road Pone Glyph on Onigashima", but what is being communicated to the government is ". I think that I only knew the contents of the road pone glyph of Onigashima.
I don't think he would bother to say that he also knows the contents of the Lord Poneglyph on Whole Cake Island in front of the enemy.
If you do that, it's likely that the Robin battle will begin.
So, if you estimate with the above contents, it seems to be the following.

The bounty is 500 million berries! !!
If you know the contents of Poneglyph on Whole Cake Island, it may double to about 1 billion.
However, it may be okay if there is a character with a risk of 1 billion instead of fighting power (^^ ♪