【ONE PIECE】Bounty predictions after Wano Country arc ⑨Sanji


It's LC.

This time as well, we will predict the bounty after the Wano country edition.

The 9th time is Sanji, the cook of the Straw Hat Pirates!







Sanji is a cook of the Straw Hat Pirates, also known as "Black-footed Sanji".

Originally from the North Sea (North Blue), he is also the third son of the "Vinsmoke Family" royal family of the military nation "Kingdom of Germa", and his real name was found to be "Vinsmoke Sanji".

His bounty is 330 million berries. He was extremely disliked to be called by this name, and the name of the order book updated after he escaped from Whole Cake Island was changed to the above, and he was very depressed.

He features a black suit, diagonally split blonde hair and curled eyebrows, and is also a heavy smoker who always holds a cigarette.

He always covered his left eye with hair until the Paradise edition, but from the New World edition, his hair division is reversed to hide his right eye, and he has a mustache.

A gentleman who fights with footwork so as not to hurt the hands that are the life of the cook, his dream is to find the legendary sea "All Blue".

He has a bad behavior and a flirty personality, but his inner side is stubborn and full of humanity, and his colleagues have even described him as "more gentle than anyone else."

He has a strong inquisitiveness and commitment to cooking and food, and has an aspect as a passionate person who does not tolerate acts that insult them.

His skill is also with origami, and before joining the crew, he was appointed as a deputy chef at the popular sea restaurant "One Piece" in the East Sea.

For some reason, when Luffy decided to work for free at Baratie, he met the crew and was invited by Luffy who liked his cooking skills and good people.

Initially, he refused because of his great gratitude to the owner and chef Zeff, but he fought against Don Creek and others who had attacked to steal Baratie, and Zeff and his restaurant friends who knew Sanji's "dream". I decided to join the Straw Hat Pirates as prompted by.

I have a bad mouth, probably because I grew up in an environment full of pirates and cooks who are crazy about Zeff, and I usually speak in a bad tone.

I often use the expression "shit" as a habit, but I often use it not only for the meaning of despising the subject but also for the nuance of "extremely or totally", and because the glue is surprisingly good, the blur is also tsukkomi. It is also a type that can do both.

He tends to play the role of blur when a female crew or Usopp is involved, and conversely, when a male crew other than Usopp is involved, he often plays the role of Tsukkomi.

Also, although not as much as Luffy and Chopper, he has an understanding of the romance of a man, and sometimes he shows a lively appearance together.

At Longling Long Grand, Luffy, who became afro hair in the confrontation with Foxy, is purely evaluated for his sense. However, I was confused by the waves after that.

In addition, sometimes even cooking may turn out of focus, so what kind of cooking should be done following Luffy and Zoro who try to catch and eat against Nami who are trying to evacuate when attacked by giant sea kings I often feel good about it.

During the voyage on the seabed when heading to Fish-Man Island, Nami instructed Nami to separate the deep-sea fish connected to the ship, and he was disappointed with Luffy and his friends. It seems.




【Strength and activity】

Currently, Sanji defeats "Page One", one of the Beasts Pirates'Shinjitsu / Flying Six Guns, and then at "Prison Mansion" in Rakshasa Town, the same Beasts Pirates's Shinsatsu / Flying Six and one of the worst generations "X. Engaged with "Drake" and escaped.

I can't imagine who will fight in the Wano country edition, but since Big Mom and Kaido have joined hands, it is possible that the minister, the smashing / flying six guns, or maybe not alone, will fight someone on the big sign. Not without.

Before entering the New World, Luffy was the top of the organization, Zoro was 2nd, and Sanji was 3rd, but after entering the New World, the number and level of fighting opponents has increased dramatically. Because it is high, the composition of fighting 3rd place like in paradise is broken.

In addition, there are also strong men (red scabbards and supernovae) other than the crew except Luffy and Zoro, so there is a good chance that it will be a turbulent battle with a large number of people.

My personal desire is that the raid suit has made it possible to increase the fighting power, so I think it's time to take on the worst generation or higher of the opponent.

It will not have reached the level where you can defeat a disaster that may be at the same level as Shosei, and that is the same as when you defeated Watatsumi with Jinbe, this time you will defeat the big sign with someone. I think it's okay to develop it.

Wano Kuni edition Currently, Luffy and Zoro are becoming stronger by training, so Zoro and Sanji were said to be both wings, but it seems that they will be greatly separated in terms of fighting power. In the first place, since the main is a cook, unlike Zoro, fighting is not the highest priority, so I think that there is no choice but to make a difference in combat power ... (11)

And with the addition of the newly officially joined Jinbe, Luffy, Zoro, and Jinbe will be at the forefront of the battle.

That said, the current Sanji is strong enough to be unmatched by enemies around here, so a true hit would not be enough.

If this happens, I think that it will be useful enough to defeat the flying six guns (maybe multiple people), the big signboard with someone, or the newly released Numbers.

In addition, Sanji can perform "secret actions" that Luffy and Zoro cannot. You can also play a behind-the-scenes role by infiltrating the Orochi side with Robin and Brook, who are good at the same covert action, and defeating the opponent's turn on the day of the decisive battle.

Above all, the raid suit has the tremendous advantage of being transparent, so there is a good chance that Sanji, a brain sect, will mess with his opponent in a strategy that no one can think of.

However, it would be nice if I didn't sneak into the women's bath again and get a nosebleed boo.




【Predict Bounty after the Wano country arc】

So, I will think about the activity of the above contents. Defeat multiple flying six (defeat 300 million, 400 million ~? Billion people), defeat the big sign with someone (defeat 1 billion ~ with someone), defeat Numbers (prize money unknown), these If you act secretly and become known to the Navy and the government that you can become a transparent person, the prize money will jump more than you can imagine.

Considering Luffy, who is called the 5th emperor, I think it's about the following.

The bounty is 730 million berries! !!




2022 postscript: Defeat the All Star Queen

In the attack, I defeated the "Queen of the Epidemic", which is a big sign with a prize of 1.32 billion berries.

With this, it seems that Sanji's prize money is almost fixed at 1.33 billion or more.


see you again.